Why hasn't this been released on PC or in Japan Yet?


I’d love a PC release, but it looks like Capcom is afraid of making money. Any reason why there’s not going to be a PC release? Follow up; why hasn’t this been released in Japan on either console yet? It’s been over a year, does Capcom Japan have a grudge against this game or something?

Edit: An article from Sirlin’s blog about Daigo’s take on HDR http://www.sirlin.net/blog/2009/7/24/daigo-on-sf-hd-remix.html


It’s a mystery, but I guess it’s because the PS3 version is so bugged and PS3’s are more popular in Japan than 360.

Remember that Capcom’s fighting game flagship now is SF4, why would they bother fixing or even think of releasing HD Remix…SF4 made more money than HD Remix !


cause the game sucks?


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SF4 is out. This is the definitive version we have, and that’s that. See MvC2 - Japan never got into it and the scene is still going. Nipponese support is not necessary for a game to be successful.


Amen to that. Still would be nice to beat down some Japanese players tho. The only online Japanese person I played was RGBunknown, and he was good, but he wasn’t all that. Beat him easy even through a shitload of lag. Personally, I would love to go toe to toe with the real beasts like Daigo and Aniken. I will probably get the snot knocked out of me, but it’ll make me a better player. :nunchuck::woot:


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Let me guess, you don’t like SFII cause it doesn’t have a broken subsystem like parries? At least that’s what your avatar screams.


Japan has a much bigger arcade scene than consoles(they play consoles, but arcades are like the gathering spot). This game didn’t get an arcade release so, and Capcom Jpn might not have agreed with Sirlin’s game.

Let’s be honest, HDR is an american game.

Furthermore, Capcom US is being a bitch about fixing the PS3 version of the game. So capcom as a whole doesn’t really care about the HDR fanbase, as much as the SFIV fanbase. It kind of boils down to the whole hardcore vs. casual gamer arguement.

SFIV has a huge casual fanbase, and that means $$, where as the HDR crowd is just a bunch of losers that can’t let go of a 15 year old game. :lol: jk guys :wgrin:


No he didn’t. He made a ridiculous comment in the game’s own section of a FIGHTING GAME FORUM. Megaman’s criticism was right on and well deserved.

As for releasing in Japan, I’m still perplexed by it. It’s not like digital distribution really costs anything. If anything, they’d need to do a small text translation. But whatever. As we all know, if the japs or any other country HDR didn’t make it to want the game, they can easily make a US account and download it that way.


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