Why have a bad games thread anyway?

Who even pays attention to it?

It’s all hearsay anyway. I would go out on a limb to say that the majority of players on Kaillera use auto-fire, a programmable controller, or both. But, you can never prove it anyway. Even with the players who don’t use it, you will always suspect them in the back of your mind everytime they pull off a difficult move or combo.

At least it’s good competition. If the guy can’t miss a move, you are getting his best game, and there is no ranking system so if a dude wins 100 straight on you, who is going to know?

Plus you can change your name so who cares?

Why have a"**Why have a bad games thread anyway?" **Thread

Its not like we care what you think

I’d suggest educating yourself on this first. You can easily see if they use macros by just looking at whether they make execution errors. As for autofire, there already is an autofire detector…which CAN be bypassed but I don’t think the people are smart enough to figure out how.

The bots keep track of all your alternate names.

Why reply to a Why have a bad games thread anyway?" Thread if you don’t care what I think?

Yeah, it’s not hard to goto into the auto-fire settings and adjust it to 2…

The reason why we have a bad games thread is because, although it’s hearsay, most people on here do know each other, and we would generally not lie to each other. So by keeping an eye on the bad games thread it’ll save you the frustration having to much up to these bad games.

P.S. I can’t believe someone from May 2007 can have this much neg rep. lol.

Well the way the neg rep works is, when there is a post to neg rep, most premium members tell about 50 others to go neg rep the same post. The reputation is misleading, don’t ever look at it…

This isn’t really what I had in mind…you can adjust the autofire detector accordingly for this.

were would emil post if it werent for the bad games thread

clearly you didnt think this through mr fighter guy nine nine nine

Why have porn when all you have to do is look to thee barnyard… critters…

Most users use auto/macros? BAH. I personally proved at Final Round 10 that I don’t :slight_smile:

You personally proved at Final Round 9 that you can beast on a joystick too Robert, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can :lovin: (no homo)

You must have not seen his posts…:rofl:

I’m a pro…

…fessional moron. :wonder:

bad game thread balances out the good game thread. The ying to the yang. SRK takes its Fung Shui very serious.

if i owned srk i would have people take personality and iq tests upon registering so we didnt have to deal with all these fucking retarded threads

i agree to the fullest. yo.

Because some people like playing with people they don’t know, and it’s nice to know if the person you are fighting is gonna be an asshat or not.