Why have no new Charge Characters been released for SFIV and SSFIV?

First thread and post :woot: I wasn’t exactly sure if I should post this in the SSFIV or SFIV category because the topic sort of covers both, so I decided to choose here.

Alright so I was thinking, why haven’t there been any new charge characters released for SFIV and now subsequently for SSFIV? I mean there is just a barrage of new and returning characters in SSFIV and yet not one is a charge character. Maybe I am in the dark here about something, I am not too sure, but if I am please enlighten me. Is there a specific reason why charge characters have been vetoed?

Isn’t Deejay a charge char?

Yes he is.

It is disappointing to not see any new charge characters. I would also like to see a couple of characters that have a nice mix of charge specials and motion specials (qcf, dp, qcb, etc).

Oh wow, complete brain fart on my behalf, I forgot about Dee Jay. Even still that is only one out of ten and he isn’t even a new character as such, but a recycled one.

Because nobody likes 'em, everybody hates 'em, they should go eat some worms.

Wow i thought the same thing about the charge characters but none of my friends even cared. I only feel comfortable when im using a charge character and this limits to me to grand total of trying out one new character =(.

charge characters have a harder time taking advantage of some of sf4’s mechanics in general… luckily they are still pretty good cause of great normals.


i think capcom secretly kind of wants to not have charge chars, but really cant go that way.

i mean they even changed chuns fireball from a charge.

Ono has admitted in interviews that charge chars get boned by the focus-cancel system.

And I remember reading somewhere that Capcom employees themselves stated that it is harder to design a charge character than it is to create a motion character.

In 2003 the N.A.U.V.G.P.A. (North American United Video Game Players Association) amassed a 2,400-signature online petition campaigning for no new charge characters to ever appear in a Capcom fighting game again. It was in direct response to the fact that all of the charge characters in MvC2 were broken; this dramatic power imbalance completely ruined the playability of the game.

And people still say that Capcom doesn’t listen to its fans. :rolleyes:

Charge characters have kinda boring designs. They can’t do their moves while walking forward so they end up being turtle chars that either throw sonic booms or use lots of torpedo attacks to move forward, which is boring.

I wouldn’t say that now. It depends on your strategy, for example what about rush down Chun’s and Rog’s? Depending on how you decide to play your charge character it can vary between different styles, be it turtling, rushing or preferably a mixture of both. I have had countless messages of people saying good game, so I doubt it is exactly boring if they enjoyed the match. Then again that is your opinion.


You can charge during combos and such. Rush down is very possible with charge chars.