Why have square restrictor gate as the standard? Qanba arcade sticks

It also weaken most Sanwa gates which are made from Acrylic.

Doesn’t an octagonal gate do that anyway?

Those switches are tougher that people give them credit for, they’re built for industrial use. They’re made to be pressed.

Depends on the switch and their tolerances, but you are correct.

An octagonal gate only makes sense with an oversized actuator to tighten the throw zone, because the throws become longer on the primaries so that the diagonals aren’t cut out. But I do agree that square gates are the best for FIGHTERS. But square gates are horrible for platform games. So if you use your joystick for multiple games, and not just fighting games, then an octo game and oversized actuator can work. Yes, you could just open the stick up and switch the gate, but not everyone wants to deal with that (some cases are toolless, then it takes less than 30 seconds to switch the gate).

I tried using a square gate in Gauntlet and was always going diagonally (since you ride the gate like a bitch in those types of games), so I couldn’t deal with that, so I swapped an Octo gate and Kowal actuator on and it played great. Hell, even a circle gate would be better than square in platformers…

idk I used a square gate to beat a few platformers and didn’t have any issues. One of them was Vulgarr the Viking, which is notoriously difficult. I also use it for shmups, but I’m not a hardcore shmup player or anything.

There no reason to use any circular or octagonal gates with 99.99% of most shmups.

OK what is a good actuactor for sanwa JLF?

https://www.focusattack.com/kowal-1mm-oversize-actuator-for-sanwa-jlf-series-joystick/ or this https://paradisearcadeshop.com/actuators/759-1mm-oversized-jlf-actuator.html

Definitely the last one, looks molded in the right shape instead of the original Kowal.

The kowal is designed like that to reduce throw and prevent an increase in deflection (where the lever reads the opposite direction upon returning to neutral).

Problem with the Kowal actuator is it does not engage the switches correctly as there is a edge instead of a flat side that engages the plunger of each switch.
The PAS Actuator actually hits the switch with a flat surface.

The switch doesn’t care as long as it’s getting pressed.

Considering the Sanwa JLF uses switches without levers.

Switch will care when that edge causes uneven wear and tear and the switch stops working,
That switch is meant to be pressed dead on and not on a angle.

So has the angle been changed on the other oversized actuators to keep pressure dead flat? If you’re that worried about keeping switch pressure perfectly as designed, you shouldn’t be swapping actuators anyways. These switches aren’t fragile, and they’re easy/inexpensive to replace relative to the amount of time it takes to wear them out, even with mods. If you’re that worried about switch wear, go optical, or go with a non pcb variant where swapping individual switches is even easier.

lol, I see tech talk is as tech talky as ever /s

100% agree with this. I hate playing on a octagonal gate because the lever will feel like down back sometimes but be off enough that down back isn’t engaged proper, and I end up eating damage for no reason. Square you always know exactly where you are.

And this I disagree with 100%. The JLW is a fantastic lever. It neutralizes fast, has good engage and the throw isn’t too bad on it. I play CvS2 with KoF characters on it all the time, I don’t have any issues on it. I play plenty of games on it, actually.

Then you end up increasing the throw at those points and wouldn’t make all that much of a difference. You can already feel the 4 cardinal directions by knowing when you’re not in a diagonal, which is easy as shit to know on a square. You’re either in a corner, or you’re not, meaning, diagonal, or cardinal.

Well I was just assuming that the appeal of an octogate was that a new stick user can feel a notch for all directions. idk though, I’ve never used one.

this is a specific scenario, I don’t think CVS is a good example to test this, kof 98 on mvs, neo geo, has very strict inputs, I consider the JLW to be terrible for this game. This all came clear when I finally got to try a seimitsu stick for the first time, also realizing seimitsu is the go to stick to most neo geo arcades in japan, there was no doubt after that.