Why Hitbox uses 24mm buttons as action button instead of 30mm?


Claiming it’s more ergonomic while the rest of the world is using 30mm?
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Because they’re smaller you don’t have to spread your fingers out as much. If you ask me the difference is negligible and most vendors sell 24mm and 30mm buttons at the same price anyway.


Just because more people use 30mm doesn’t mean they’re more ergonomic.


But why other major stick companies don’t make 24mm version? I assume at least Japanese companies would make some cuz they have smaller hands.


Because that’s what everyone has always done, I guess. It’s not like arcade stick/button layouts were designed with fighting games in mind anyways, everyone just grew up playing them so that’s what stuck. Hitbox was maybe the first time someone really looked at how fighting games are played and tried to design the “best” layout for them.

All that said, I started playing FGs on Hitbox but switched to stick a month ago, and I like stick + 6x 30mm buttons much more than the Hitbox layout. At the end of the day it’s all personal preference.


I tried it with full size buttons, it’s harder to do fast button combos with all 30mm.


^^^talking about the directional buttons