Why hold back with circular motion fighters?


Hi guys,
sorry for my english.
I’m beginning to watch online replays with exposed controls.
I’ve noticed that a lot of people with motion fighters hold back or down back when perform a normal, after a dash or a jump in , like a charge fighter.
I noticed that thing also from Daigo, Tokido, Yukadon, etc etc.
What is the meaning of this practice?


Probably so that they’re blocking as soon as the attack finishes, that’s why I do it anyway.


Right, that’s exactly it, to return to a defensive position after an attack.


I dunno, I mean, at the end of these blockstrings there’s so much time to hold back AFTER the string.
I also think it’s a bad habit , for example, Ryu :
Dash, hold down back, c mp, c mp, tatsu. If the string become combo at the second mp, I’ve to perform : from db, d, db, b, lk for tatsu.
Reasonably, with the same block string , after the dash if I hold down, at the end i’ve to perform only db, b , and lk for tatsu, so less stick movements.
I could make other examples, also with hado or shoryu ender, with that habit I’ve to do more movements with joystick.


What if you came to a situation just for example where you’d missed the mp button so only thrown out one. In this case it’d be better to be holding down back as you’d block any normal that they would happen to throw out. Not the best example but just a simple way it could be beneficial.

It’s also not really inconvenient just to hold down back and go into the special anyway so why not? Yes you could just go to down back after you’ve finished your block string but this way it makes sure that you’re always blocking at the fastest possible moment when you aren’t attacking yourself.


I’m a new player , I know that in sfv combos execution is easier compared to other fightin games.
So do you think this habit to hold back in every situation ( dash , jump in , blockstring, combos, footsies) is a good habit to learn?
I’m asking because this thing will make my learning curve more difficult, I often use shortcuts for the special at the end of a combo and with this habit I couldn’t use shortcuts no more.



I’m asking because this thing will make my learning curve more difficult, I often use shortcuts for the special at the end of a combo and with this habit I couldn’t use shortcuts no more.

Of course you can use shortcuts. You just have to be careful not to do a fireball motion, but this is the case no matter if you’re holding back or not.
Holding back doesn’t change the shortcut in any way.

Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by “shortcut”. Could you explain that?


In SFV with the extra frame of input delay you cannot block on reaction


Do you mean ‘Shortcut’ as in the df, db, df motion for Shoryuken? If that’s the case then it’s entirely still possible. If not easier when already holding down back.

  1. stop using shortcuts/macros for your special moves, with enough practice it’ll become muscle memory, macros mess up your directionals anyway, learning the game doesn’t mean doing the most flashy combos, work on your core fundamentals first (normals, framedata, anti airing, blocking/teching…etc etc), then on execution.

  2. there’s no one button solution in SF, everything is rock paper scissors, blocking can be defeated by throws. It is however, your most basic defense option, you want to be able to block in time if you happen to whiff something, or having your unsafe moves blocked. It’s a good habit to develop as a new player.


All fighting games are hard to get into. But once you get to a certain point it all opens up. Holding db at any point isn’t going to make it any harder.
If you can learn up forward is a jump. Or you dragon ball motion. Or ff to dash forward. You can do those things. When you want to do it you just do the motion. You never need to stop and think about the motion or the way to dash. So if you would like to start adding in the pre block you just add it onto whatever it is you are doing. And perform it all as the motion that is required. And don’t try break it down into an extra step that goes after the first step. The thinking about it is the only thing that trips you up. And you will find latter on in your playing it may help to have learned it now, when you want to start buffering moves before hand.


I have never agreed with this logic and I think it is bad advice. You should master both the standard and any shortcut methods the game gives you. Being able to dp by inputing df-d-df was programed into the game for a reason, so you can dp from a crouching position without having to stand up and put your character at risk from eating a low attack. Giefs SPD shortcut of b-f-d-u was programed into the game so while going back and fourth playing footsies all you need to do is tap down-up to get the spd insted of wasting time spining the stick. Use all the tools the game give you.


Yes even if I explained before.
Example with Ryu: dash , c lk, c lp, sho.
If I hold back, after the c lp I have less time for the sho because, from db, i’ve to move the stick df, d, df.

Otherwise, more simple, if after the dash I hold df, after the c lp , I have to move the stick only d and df .


Yes but I’m no talking about don’t use shortcut methods , I’m talking about to put the stick in advantageous position before the ender.

Another example with Ryu:
First method : Axe kick, hold forward standing lk, then d, df, sho.

Second method ( if I want to keep the block position) : axe kick, hold back, standing lk, then df, d, df, sho.

The first method is easier because I’ve already done the first shoryuken movement , but all of you are arguing is the wrong method. Right?


From prima games :

" This trick is also useful in combos where the official motion is awkward. For example, Ken and Ryu can cancel crouching hp into Shoryuken. By performing crouching hp as df hp , all you have to do to finish the cancel is d, df, hp . "

So prima games gives a point to my execution method. I’m a little confused


There is no technical reason to hold down-back (or back) while you’re pressing buttons - you can’t block any way. If, as Ryu for example, you’re hit confirming a 2*s.lp string into srk, you best be holding forward.

Edit: obivously, blocking during unsafe strings or traps is advisable.


I agree