Why honzo is stupid and can improve: by request



Fill out all the ways he is stupid and can improve. I’ll start!

  1. learn some combos scrub, you’re stupid for being this good and not having a real combo


stop being pringles or so i heard


ahaha a++ thread already

Go to washington for the big tourney this saturday, obviously! And the bigger tourney at the end of the month! These are both important. I hear they have some crazy lady who also plays Tasky and Ammyup there, who’s okayish and comes up with new stuff fairly frequently, it seems like interacting with a person like that would be good for the both of you. I don’t think she plays Doom though. Uses some scrub with a bionic arm.


Might I be embraced by the YouTube comments community if I mention Honzo just spams moves all day?


@dacid I’m trying to learn combos, I try to focus on winning though.

@ouroborus My defense comes from sf4, so it sucks, and I’ve only been going to locals for 2 months now, so I have no experience.

@stark I’d love to come up and play with yall, but I’m a poor college student. Maybe when Gatorade sponsors me I can get up there. I’m actually going to go watch the archive of the tourney they had up there last week, so you better be on it boding people.
edit: I actually used spencer day 1 but task had a cool sword, and I like rad spencer better than rasta “ohshitmywifeismyarm” spencer

@guile I C U

@thisthread lol


At lease u actually have a chance to go, in from Trinidad and we only have tourny’s once a month if we are lucky…


@nappy trinidad is all purty and shit, all we have in nor-norcal is trees


All I know is aside from some recent Wolverine bandwagon jumping, I’ve been playing Honzo’s and Dacid’s teams exclusively for weeks, and getting pointers directly from them. Am I good at MvC3? Eh, so-so. Am I good at picking mentors? S++ tier.

PS. Gonzo, you ever try playing your team w/ Tron over Doom, just for fun? I did that sometimes even before messin’ w/ Dacid’s team, as Ive been in love w/ Tron since the beginning. It’s different, but a blast!


@guile I haven’t tried it, trons assist is fucking god tier, but I feel like you’re relying on an assist rather than relying on yourself and that blows up in peoples faces to much. Also, DOOM is such a superior anchor, for there is only DOOM in the end.

If they put juggs in the game I’m going to revive the eternal Team Mike Z though (as an alt team)


Im certainly not gonna argue about Doom being a better anchor, but about relying on an assist as opposed to yourself: well, that’s optional :stuck_out_tongue:


@guile I suck so don’t take my opinions as logical or in anyway coherent


Once Honzo learns real combos and grows a curly moustache he will be unstoppable.


@tasty I would grow a curly mustache, but the walugi look is so 2004


Since the new combo carries corner to corner why keep Doom as anchor? Can’t you switch to dog anchor for better match ups against a lot of the cast? The down arrows into angled super into Sphere flame should do a ton more damage and you should still have safe DHCs for getting in and out, this also means that your Doom gets to fight with the Ammy assist alive and be much stronger because of it. This all depends on your confidence in your dog without assists though, I personally like assistless dog over assistless doom unless you’re relying on random XF doom time which I haven’t really seen you do much.


Stop using Doom.


Doom is far from bad, I disagree with Piskooooo.


Huh, I wasn’t so much expecting real answers. Good info though!

Only problem is most of these have to do with opinion. Learning kill combos doesn’t :slight_smile:


He knows them, he just doesn’t do them. XD He was talking to me about the new B&B at Starbase. XD


When I say “learn” I mean be able to do like 98+% accuracy


I have no clue what his accuracy is on them as I always see him do the Honzo special combo. XD