Why/how this juggle works

cr.fierce,shoulder,mp fireball,shoulder shoulder,aegis,bounces em out shoulder knocks em bakc you know the rest

can someone explain to me why or how this juggle works, if i’m counting right the first shoulder is the 5th hit, the 6th hit would normally be the aegis which bounces em out you do shoulder to push em back and knee drop blah blah you know the rest i’m sure

all i want to know is why/how the combo works not tips on doing it or anything of that nature. i just wanna know why aegis bounces them out when its the 7th hit of the juggle and they shouldn’t be able to be hit by number 7

that combo was done on necro btw

r u sure that it wasn’t some sort of stun combo? cuz that doesn’t sound like it would work outside of some rediculously unrealistic setup. cuz cr. fierce, tackle, sphere doesn’t work normally…

it works it was in a real match rx vs i think pinoy and nope it wasn’t a stun combo

the aegis is supercancelled from the last tackle, so it’s not “separated” from the 6th juggle.
The engine doesn’t allow more hits if they are separated from the 6th; if they are consecutive from the 6th and quick, it works, with ANY character
the juggle limit starts to work only when the juggled character gets out of air hitstun after the 6th hit (unless the count is reset by a super)
some dudley juggles follow the same principle.
And Urien has hundreds of combos like that, not only the one you posted
Yun’s cMPxxLK upkicks is another instance.

wtf? when i do cr. fierce, (ex) headbutt, fireball, i can never hit the 2nd shoulder tackle to hit??? i know im doin it correctly w/ timing and everything but it dont connect… did i do somethin wrong? i used (jab) for shoulder tackle btw… wtf man… ???

you already reached the juggle limit. you can’t do the cr. HP in the beginning. Do this, EX headbutt --> Sphere (MP) --> tackle (MK/HK). That will work.

EX headbutt counts for 3 juggles even if it does 2 hits.

Yeah… it you can tag another hit on quickly enough after the last, it will work.

But it’s weird… it seems that tackle into aegis is real easy to do this with, like against Chun . But if I try s.MP into headbutt (which is damn quick) the headbutt whiffs unless they’re dizzy. Maybe it’s easier to do with supers?

thanks for the insight that means i can get away with tackle ex tackle tackle aegis