Why I enjoy Street Fighter! By Daniel In (BlackBeltStatus)

Hi IGN this is my entry to Win A Fight Stick for the Street Fighter Side. This is more than why i enjoyed, but how i lived it.

I have a long history of why i enjoy Street Fighter. Street Fighter actually made me the kind of person i am today. I was about 8 years old, and my father took me to a local bowling alley, where my father meets up with his friends to bowl. (btw im 23 now lol.) That is when i saw and played my first Street Fighter game. It was a Street Fighter 2 turbo arcade machine. From that day on i was hooked. I was like 4 feet tall and i need to stand a step thingy to play. I caught on quick. I learned fireballs and tatsumaki so quick by just look at the command list they have on the bottom of the screen. I had grown scary adults yell at me… lol. I was so fascinated by the karate fighter Ryu. Because of this fictional character, i begged my parents to have me join Karate classes. They finally agreed, then started major Influence this game had on me and my martial arts career. Years went on, and became in my opinion a high level player in street fighter (Super Turbo, Alphas, 3 etc.) and a high level competetive fighter. I won many local tournaments during those years, and so did my little brother. I taught how to hadouken when he was only 6. Then i started using Street Fighter gameplay into my karate. They complimented each other so well. In my Karate tournaments i would use strategies and even the vocabulary of street fighter in my fights. Bait, Traps, Wiffs, Turtle, and Rushdown. I used everything i learned in a fighting game in a real fight! and being a martial artist made me so much better in Street Fighter and in other games. It taught me patience, reflex, reactions, and playing with just pure instinct. Now in 2012 i accomplished so much. I am considered one of the best Street Fighter players in Indiana, I recieved my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, I hold a 49-1 kumite record for my National Karate Team, I met my wife that is now pregnant in Karate. I can only Imagine how different life could of been if it wasnt for Street Fighter. I not only enjoyed it… I lived it.