Why I Love The Raging Demon ~ Part Deux


Just put together a new Raging Demon video. I admittedly did not spend as much time on this one as the last one but let me know what you think



Not too bad. I may have to watch for that Hurricane cross up, whiff strong into leap move set up now. Was this edited from live matches?

Also, is it just SSF4’s revamping that gives the Demon it’s priority or just your timing? And also, (NOT hating, but curious and unsure) I think there are a few ultras it cannot priority over, regardless of being the second started up (ie, Dan’s Ultra 1).

  • This was edited from matches I had over XBL. All occurred in either Endless or Ranked battle

  • The cr.mp does not whiff, it resets the opponent. You then cancel the cr.mp int a hk df palm so there is no recovery and finish the Super input as you land in order to grab them. If they were not jumping BEFORE the Super flash, the Demon will grab them. There are other variations to this reset. You can mk df to land in front of them instead of crossing them up. Also, using mk df can perfectly space you to Demon Flip Throw them the moment they land

  • Priority is one way of putting it, but what really matters are invincibility frames. For example, if a Rufus does Ultra II and you want to Demon him, you HAVE to delay the input. If you do it ASAP, you run out of invincibility frames before he does (iirc, Rufus has 11 off Ultra II while Akuma only has 7). Other Ultras it may not beat out simply because they have a large amount of active frames and / or give the user throw invincibility longer than Akuma will have invincibility from his Demon. From your example, we see that according to the SRK frame data (assuming its correct) that it gives Dan around 9 frames of invincibility, meaning that after his Ultra flash, you need to end the input of the Demon ~2 frames after in order to have enough invincibility to grab him. But it also keep in mind it has a large number of active frames meaning that if you cant grab him within 7 frames of inputting the Ultra, you will eat his Ultra as a result.

Hope that helps / I explained it right


My guess is you probably do not fight enough Dan’s in live matches to worry about the issue too much. XD

Yes it is helpful. I’ve been victim enough to some of the setups that I was just curious if it was dumb luck Dan can nab Akuma out of his demon even after he executed afterward. I see now that it’s the timing of the execution as well as Akuma’s distance from Dan plays a role in how many frames elapse. I mostly just have fun and worry less about frame data, but yeah, I got my answer =)


I love this video, and as someone who is trying to main akuma, just because of my love of him. Would it be too much to demonstrate the technique to complete what you were talking about above. As I am trying to read it but having a hard time. Maybe because I am not that advanced.


$ick vid. XD