Why in the name of god did we get 2009 Spencer again?



For fucks sake stop referencing that shit game and give us rearmed Spencer. Bionic Commando 2009 was a complete failure and pretty much everybody hated it and Rearmmed is a goddamn masterpiece. Plus classic Spencer fits the comic style so much better being like a 80’s action movie guy caricature. Just looking at this version makes me sick.

Moved: Why in the name of god did we get 2009 Spencer again?

Nobody remembered Bionic Commando 2009.



We got him again because of dumbass Mahveltard memes. Same reason we got Sentinel back in UMVC3.


Marvel 3 Sent is just Whack Bot with a Mango coating.


Because it’s easier and cheaper to port an existing model, who has moves and animations completed, into your engine rather than create something brand new.


The problem with this argument is that MvC:I’s models aren’t exactly the same as MvC3s.


Of course they aren’t, why would they be? It’s a different engine.


A different engine wouldn’t mean different models either.
3D models can be used with multiple engines as long those are compatible with them.


Yeah, but the point is that it’s easier to port and modify an existing base, than to create something completely from scratch. Especially once you understand how the process work.


I don’t like meme characters either. I mean… they are just memes. Should have gone with Classic if he had to be in.


Because people will buy a Rearmed Spencer costume for DLC (again), but Capcom would have to do something newer if it became his default.


Does anybody remember that look Spencer has in BC 2009 is based off of the guy who voiced him?

Mike Patton, circa 1991.

In Color

Looks similar, no?


Spencer is Capcom’s Spiderman.




Where does Spencer get his produce and free range poultry from?



What does he use to secure his house?



What does he use to pick up girls at the club?




What does he do when he’s severely depressed?




It would be trivial to give Spencer his Rearmed look, but I suppose that in order to do a good job recreating the character he would need different animations and moves, because the two characters don’t actually move alike in their games.


Because Capcom is trying to save as much money as possible, while still taking all of yours.




Combofiend probably requested it. Who the hell wants that Spencer besides him?