Why Infiltration is the BEST PLAYER in the WORLD ATM


No its not because he won EVO

before i start, i want to say daigo is my favourite player EVER, but watching infiltration made me realize something. to Infil this is ESPORTS, to daigo and everyone else, this is still just a FGC event. what i mean is that someone like daigo spends his time in arcades, he learns match ups better than anyone else. Infil on the other hand, not only knows match ups, he STUDIES players inside out. so when daigo is playing like daigo, infil is not playing like infil, he is playing like DAIGO. daigo is fighting AKUMA, applying his match up knowledge. on the other hand, Infil is not fighting ryu, he is fighting DAIGO. he knew every single daigo tendency. i watch daigo a lot and 2 things he loves doing. throwing fireballs, and ********** . Infil, without the use of 2 bars, **************. he knew daigo inside out. if you look at xiao hai vs daigo, he teched, because he obviously doesnt treat this like infil.

Infil is doing what boxers do. watches extensive footage of players. match up knowledge isnt enough, he is collecting data. so for daigo or anyone else to get to infils level, they need to treat this like player research not just match up research. Dont get me wrong. Daigo is easily on Infils level, but his Preparation IS NOT. Infil is treating this like the pros do.

People say Japanese are the best because of their technical level. But Technicalities is not enough to win you tournies anymore. i love Sako etc… but hours in training mode etc will not always give you the most effective way to dominate certain players. Home players (Not Arcade )now have the advantage. they attend their weekly locals, majors, then spend their time at home researching rivals. you can tell j. Wong is doing this. or Dieminion who got bodied at Seasons Beating by Mago and Uryo. Now despite all their technical abilities, Dieminion put on a clinic and totally shut all of that down. My guess is he studied them. Infil attends US majors. he has downloaded all US rivals like PR rog, r. ortiz etc… he might not play in Japan, but believe me, all the Japanese players that play outside of Japan, im sure he’s written essays on them. my last point:

Remember Revelations?? where Sako brought his ibuki? Laugh and Infil were on their laptop during the actual event, studying footage of Sako the night before owning at casuals. This is what prompted daigo to become relunctant about his match videos on youtube. lol You cant respond like that, this is eSports now. You have to realize opponents want to be the best in the world, and you better start studying them yourself, rather than having the attitude, i better hide my videos!! everyone is open to public scrutiny. get with it if you want to remain at the top!! Even get scouts to bring you footage. I couldnt believe it when Zhi asked daigo what he thought about Dakou after Shadoloo, and Daigo said WHO? lol c’mon you have to keep up with your competition and know who the hell they are if you seriously consider this your PRO career.

I say this because. Mike Tyson or Fedor… Tyson studied hour long videos of his opponents, aswell as his natural ability. When he fired everyone and went it alone. he lost all discipline and relied only on his instincts, which sadly isnt enough. you have to know what your getting into and how to approach it. instincts alone/or match up knowledge wont win you fights. you have to know your opponent more than he knows himself.

Fedor always said i dont watch people i face. i see what they bring to the ring, then adapt. enough SAID. no wonder he never evolved.
im very sad for Daigo, i wanted him to win. but words cant describe how i feel about infiltrations performance right now. that guy is a Hero!

this is not a who is better than who thread. But i just want people to think a bit more. being MORE technical than someone, doesnt mean youre better than then. its all about how effective you and your gameplan is. And imo, Infil, Die and J.wong have got to that on par level with the elites because they recognize this.


I guess i’ve always liked him because he was an akuma player, and that he stuck with it.



I have to agree with the op. This years Korean players won THREE gold prizes: SFxT, KoF13 and SSF4AE, so this cannot be a coincidence… It’s probably a matter of attitude. In Korea, e-sports are a very serious and lucrative business, players are very committed to them… the same cannot be said in Europe (where I live) nor in Japan (where I’ve been). In the end it’s always this recurring topic, whether to go e-sports for fighting games and force a change in our community or stay as we are.


are we going to expect players to never upload their matches now?
so long, mid level community…


Korea wasn’t even a factor in most games 2 years ago. Now, they won 3 events at Evo. We are so fucked.


Maybe there just good players. Infil was always a beast


Ahhhh, thanks for exposing Daigo’s weaknesses to the world!!!


i wasnt thinking! ill edit that out, you should do the same lol.


Infiltration is not the only player who studies matchups and their opponents’ tendencies.

Given the top 8, Infiltration had the best chance of winning IMO. It was my prediction that it would eventually be between Infil and Gamerbee.


Infil should man up and rock out with his Gouken out.


I predicted Infiltration and PR Rog in GF. I knew infiltration would win because
Against Daigo:

  • Plays matchup like EVERYDAY(literally) with Laugh, who is one of the best Ryu’s… top 20 if not top 10 Ryu in world.
  • I thought he would pick Gouken, which Daigo may not know too well even though he has played Bullcat.

Against Rog:

  • Shit was free at NCR, will be Free here.


Looks like USA and Japan have a lot of ground to make up at 2013 EVO. I cant wait!

I really thought a South American player would of taken KOF13 since that their baby.


Yeah and Daigo obviously has no exposure to good Akumas at all, so it was matchup inexperience that did him in.


Yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh… It’s because he won EVO, OP
Don’t deny it.

Infiltration has always been good, he lit a fire under his ass during these past two years and kicked his game up a notch.
Of course this could all change during the course of the year. He could fall back and not be dominate.
Anything can happen between now and EVO '13


Came here to post this. There’s very little antagonizing pressures from the dominant society when it comes to playing games in Korea unlike Japan and America. Koreans are much more free to focus on competitive gaming than we are, largely due to the rewards justifying it. They will likely be even stronger next year. I can see Korea dominating any competitive genre they want, really.


He’s the best because he made AE top 8 look 100% free.

As a non-fan of the game, but someone who enjoys high level play, finals were boring because there really wasn’t drama. Just Infil blowing through everyone. Mad respect.


I just want to add to the Esports korean thing. CAFE id Brought a chair or whatever during kof finals, but a shirt over it and put it between their player and opposing so they cant see their buttons LOL. I thought that was cool though, their entire thing, the table to play on and everything. Just comes to show you… Korea came to PLAY.


Infiltration and his matrix reaction/prediction focus dash in! Infiltration infiltrating~!

The last time Infiltration faced Daigo was in LG Street Fighter Cup where Infiltration was defeated by Daigo in a Gouken vs. Ryu matchup, but it wasn’t free.

I agree with the OP that in the era of internet, youtube and streaming, you can no longer hide your match videos. You have to accept that others will study you and that they will play YOU and not your character only when they face you.

This is indeed a wake up call for Japanese SF players who largely from interviews (thank you Mike “Extreme Human” Ross) expressed that they mainly play against characters and not the players when they are in the arcades. You have to start doing your homework~!

I remember interviews with Laugh and Infiltration, and they both expressed that they really want to win an international major like EVO so they can bring that HYPE back to KOREA where they feel Capcom fighters were dwarfed by Tekken. They also really wanted to get sponsored so they can travel more easily and not solely rely on Laugh’s Qanba stick profits to cover their expenses.

Well congratulation on achieving both of these goals in 1 year! Now Infiltration, you have to prove to the rest of the world that you can hold on to that win at EVO 2013 or make top 8 again (Daigo Umehara won SF4 EVO 09 and 10 and top 8 in EVO 11 and 12) and until you do that, we will all be watching you very closely.

Oh Yeah! That was first time I saw someone doing the divider so players can’t look at each others’ buttons. Strategies strategies man! E-Sports, you gotta do whatever it takes to win. This is serious business.


If it’s any indication, his Gouken and Hakan are really impressive. He is a very adaptable player.

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I agree with OP. You can absolutely tell Infiltration was ready for Daigo’s style of playing Ryu, especially with the way he focused absorbed and dashed up against so many of Daigo’s perfectly spaced fireballs since he knew they were coming. Daigo tried to adjust and use ex-fireballs but it was too late, Infiltration was already in his head which is no small feat.

Btw, I used to think Tokido or Eita had the best Akuma but Infiltration’s perfect mix of zoning and vortex is the way I’ve always thought Akuma should be played. Tokido relies too much on vortex and Eita just lacks…something. I have no doubt Akuma is the best character in the game and I think Infiltration will continue to prove it.