Why 'Infinite' and not '4'?


What’s the reason of the change of title?

Do you think it’s because it breaks the progression of the series by bringing back 2-characters teams?

Can it be considered a spinoff/detour?

Is it because of the new “DLC/constant updates” model?

Is there going to be a “MvC4” eventually?


Probably because Capcom wants to reboot it already.


I find it incredibly stupid how people think an entry isn’t mainline because it doesn’t have a number.


It’s because Marvel has infinites


How a “reboot”? It’s not like these games have a story or continuity…


Reasons brought up for that:

  • to make newcomers feel that this is a new game and not a game everyone played for years
  • to show this is meant to be another game compared to 3v3 titles like MvC2 and 3
  • because of the focus on the “infinite possibilities” allowed by infinity stones


It’s called Infinite because that’s how much DLC they have planned.


Infinite DLC’s XD


Reboot, Dan Slott had to stupid idea of killing off MvC’s version of Spider-Man.


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After the E3 I wish the pulled out this ‘MvC: Infinity’ as a joke and then they’ll release a true Marvel vs Capcom 4 for us to forget forever this garbage.


I honestly would have preferred plain old “Marvel Super Heroes 2: Infinity”, and just had all Marvel characters, then Marvel/Disney wouldn’t have had any conflict with the Capcom side of things and the team could have just worked to their standards without complications.

The majority of the Capcom roster do absolutely nothing for me at all, it’s like they chose the most generic, boring and unrelevant characters possible, Ryu, Chunli, Morrigan, Spencer, Arthur, Dante, they didn’t even honour their reboots. The only Capcom characters that interest me are X and Sigma, probably because that’s all we’ve wanted for the past five years. Why infinite? Probably because it’s a MSH game with Capcom characters in it, not a proper MvC game.


Sigma is day 1 DLC hahaha


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