Why is 360 online so much laggier than PC?

I got xbox live gold set up in preparation for SFxT today. I tried playing some AE online and it’s just unbearably laggy. I play on PC over the same connection and the lag isn’t bad at all, sometimes it almost feels like offline.

Is it the fact that I’m using wireless, because I thought that was fairly standard?

Depends on the wireless connection (interference, etc.) but don’t use wireless.

Yea you would think they would be the same but even pros say PC is best online for whatever reasons. I only play online w/PC version because of it.

If you’re going to use wireless don’t bother going online at all. You will ruin the experience for others.

Millions of Xbox consoles do not have wifi, wired is the standard. This varies on the PS3 since all but the original 20gb have wifi. Thus resulting in more lag on PSN

It is really astounding how little the community knows about internet connections.

I’m not sure how knowledge of the 360 wireless adapter relates to internet connection knowledge. I play games on my laptop using a 300 Mbps N router with no detectable lag, so this isn’t a problem with wireless tech generally.

I tried playing with a wired connection earlier and it did improve the latency dramatically, but I’m fairly annoyed that I bothered with this crappy console because it isn’t practical to string a cable across my house all the time.

It has nothing to do with the console, it has nothing to do with wireless vs wired, and it sure as hell has nothing to do with the speed of your router…

Well, if you’re still hanging onto that Linksys from 2004 and are really far from it, it could be your wireless.

Then why did using a network cable solve the issue entirely?

You said yourself that it did not, so you can tell me? There are many things which can cause lag, but if you and the person you’re playing know how to use these things properly, your wireless set up usually isn’t causing it. I noticed you basically just applied a blanket statement for this problem of yours, so chances are you’re accepting ping values at face value and playing with people that you shouldn’t (well, online is never going to feel like offline regardless.)

Sven and Killian explained it as such. If the console is wireless there is likely to be more packet loss.

If there is no interference between the console and the router then maybe. If there are 30 other people that live around you using the same channel and your console is in another room then that’s a problem. You may have some hiccups in your connection causing intermittent lag.

Actually pretty much everyone I know uses wireless on their 360, I’m the only person I know that uses wired.

That being said I’ve been noticed a fair amount of lag on the PC, I wish people were more informed about the cons of wireless connections or at least I wish the connection status bars were in the slightest bit truthful I’m getting really frustrated seeing a green connection and then the lag being so bad that I can’t even reliably anti air shoryuken without buffering it constantly.

:smiley: I made that avatar you’re using, can’t believe how widespread it’s become.

I’m just glad the PC connections are sweet(I even play people in south america) and not to mention no cost.

Too many people on console use wireless.

I cropped this photo from a image I found on 4chan. You didn’t “make” anything.

Microsoft Xbox servers are overloaded while PC servers have much less traffic.

Xbox Wireless transmitters are horrible compared to even basic Laptop Wifi cards.
Extra free CPU power can equal better possible netcode.

also if you add the fact that xbox cpu and gpu are using most resources for the game. since i have not this console, is the extra loading time compared with the pc version, mainly due to network sync or reading from DVD? do offline matches start faster than online?

Packet loss is the proper explanation.

What happens is that sometimes the signal between the wireless router and and console will just not be good enough to keep communication going at 60 frames a second (or whatever the rate is). What happens then is that the console goes “Hey wait a second, I didn’t get any info from my opponent for this next frame” and requests it again. That’s why the game pauses for just a brief period. If it happens enough, the game then says “Well, let’s try getting the information even further in advance to smooth things out”, and the input delay increases.

Since a wired connection doesn’t have those signal issues, the console can keep the delay as small as possible, making the experience much better.

Yeah, I know it’s annoying running cable between various rooms. But when I was a decent distance from my router/modem, I did it (PC player here). You should be able to find cable anchors you can hammer into the wall (along with couplers for easy disconnection) if that’s an issue.

Of course I didn’t draw the actual picture but I put it into use as a reaction image and originally posted it to /v/

A million times this.