Why is 8 button the standard?

Fucking Godlike controls right there. You can also source some assorted springs from various hardware stores.

Sanwa JLW with a heavy duty spring is how I did my first Twin-stick build. I wanted a spring strong enough to support NES quickshot grips that just happen to be epoxied to a JLW shaft.
Issue I never fixed was shaft rotation.

And let’s not forget console custom costume options:


3 buttons to play, but pretty much need the full 8 to turn Vanessa into Cammy :slight_smile:

But how is that for CPS2 games, or other games with tight controls? I cannot dash whatsoever on limp JP sticks, and nuetral jumps become directional and vice-versa.

Like I said, LS-56 with circle gate and even stiffer spring, was great executionally for me, just REALLY hard on the arm.

Ask @spenzalii I believe he was the one who figured out that it felt just like an old american stick.

Have the other buttons on the stick. Just not part of the main layout.

have you tried adjusting shaft height so that you get a different ‘handling’? there’s SS plates for LS-5X models, on TE/HORI/etc mounting, you can make it taller with that. it might help…

Point #1. Marval 3 uses extra buttons in training mode, you can set one button to record the actions of the dummy and another for playback. If i had more skills I’d pad hack and create a 10 button stick for games that have as good if a training mode as Marval. #2 production costs that would add unnecessary production costs, and the costs of unsold 6 button sticks would be passed on to 8 button sticks.
Solutions. 1. Open up your stick and remove the unwanted buttons and put in plugs (easy and cheap). 2. Buy a DIY case with only 6 holes and transfer the electronics. 3. Buy a custom stick from one of the many people who do that. 4. Just ignore the buttons. If a button you use died in the middle of tourny, you have two backups ready to use :slight_smile:

Umm…not true at all. You only need 5 buttons. I play MK with my 6 button Arcade in a box stick. You need 4 buttons for the attacks and 1 for the block. That is all.

JLW with a circle gate is about as close as I have found to a Happ/iL. Octo gates still have some hang in the corners. Springs can be played with to find the right tension. As mentioned, I used a cut down shock spring from one of my RC cars. It’s still a compromise as it won’t feel exactly like the American cabs of old, but it’s as close as I found, and much more satisfying than tweaking, say, a JLF. As with anything else, YMMV

Well, let’s me nice here; some people do use the Stance Change button so technically MK does use 6 buttons ><

If you’re an MK player who likes playing older games, I thought MK at most needed 6 buttons? 4 for attacks, 1 for block, and 1 for run/tag (does tagging even need a dedicated button?)

Speaking of games that people use arcade sticks for, how many buttons does PSAS need? I hear people saying it needs like 8 at minimum, but I find that a little hard to believe.

It needs 8, but who plays PSAS on an arcade stick?

I play SNES RPGs with an arcade stick.

I thought I was the only one that did this, :smiley:

I play PSAS on a stick because Sackboy kombos suck ass to execute and the only thing you do with the right stick is a throw that drains your meter :open_mouth:

I think you have just become my favourite person on SRK Dark :smiley:

The Funnier part is I play SNES RPGs with a Sega Saturn Virtual Stick via custom Saturn to Xbox 360 and MC Cthulhu adapter.

Eh no. MK uses 5 buttons. Except UMK3 [Run Button]

LP+LK - Grab
HP+HK - Tag
LK+HK - Change Stance

Regular MK3 had a run button too. :stuck_out_tongue:
And MK4 still had the run button.

Well, if you *really *want to be like *that *about it…

[] - FP
/\ - BP
X - FK
O - BK
R1 - Throw
R2 - Block
L1 - Tag
L2 - Stance Change

There. MK uses 8 buttons. Yes, if it fits your playstyle, you don’t have to use the shoulder buttons and limit yourself to 5, but trust me. The shoulder buttons are way more reliable in MK.

Between a PCB made for 8 button, and the same (but in other control) for 6 button; and another dedicated PCB only for 6 button, can exist some technical notable difference in a gameplay?