Why is a stick so hard to use?

I just got a stick about a week ago and so far it’s kinda hard. I’ve gotten down some simple combos in Third Strike but it’s like once I go out of training and try to use those combos, they don’t work for me at all. Especially when I try to do the Shoryuken motion (I hate doing that motion) it works all the time in training but once I go into a match, it’s like I freak out and forget how to do everything. I even put the difficulty on easiest and I still get bodied by the time the 4th or 5th match comes around. It’s so hard to get in combos when the opponent keeps jumping around like a maniac. Do I just need to stay in training mode for the next month? Any tips on how to actually get my combos in or do I have to wait to the right moment? Help please?

Also any tips on doing the Shoryuken motion? That’s the motion I have the most trouble with.

When you do an SRK, look at your hands. I know when I was first learning a stick, I was angling the :f: slightly upwards.

Stop playing arcade, play against people online if you want to practice outside of training and there’s no in-person competition available.

I’m gonna cut right to the chase and give you the hard truth: you’re not good with a stick after just one week. Go into training and do shoryus until you can do it a hundred times in a row on both sides. Not exaggerating. Same with fireballs. If you mess up, start over. Then you’ll have some sort of muscle memory to take into real matches. You can’t focus on trying to read your opponent while thinking about how to do the input properly.

Turn on input display while you’re in training, too, so you can see what you’re doing wrong.

This is the third stick post this past week. The only thing you can do is practice, man. Stay in training mode and arcade mode until you can do what you want with the stick.



Seriously, Though. I’ve had mine for around 6 Months and now It’s second nature. Practice simple Hadouken motions and SRK motions in Training. When you nail that you nail the whole game.

After enough practice you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one earlier. Every time I try using a pad for fighters my brain explodes T_T

Motions were never a problem for me when I got a stick. It was a matter of not being afraid of breaking it. TEs can take a beating, so i got comfortable with it.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing alot. I’ve actually been able to do combos much easier than before. I would not been able to do them on pad. I’m learning slightly. I’ll keep practicing everyday until I get the hang of this.

For Shoryukens, and I learned this way in a weird way, I was playing Capcom Arcade on the iPod Touch. There’s a guy in it that gives tips and such in it who said “Shoryukens are like doing a fireball while walking forward” or something such as that, which is pretty much holding forward and than doing a fireball motion quickly while moving forward. Tried it and it actually translated into other fighting games on an actual stick. Give that a try.

I hated my stick for about 2 Weeks. But I swear, It becomes so easy after a while.

I can hand on heart, Notice my improved execution.

Not that SSF4 Requires Execution…

Does Third strike require higher execution that SSF4 does?

99% of the things anyone would really need to do to be a good 3s player doesn’t take absurd execution, but comparatively SF4 accepts some sloppier inputs (not bashing the game, anyone)

It’s not bashing at all. It’s a fact SF4 has some Lazy ass inputs.

SRK = Wiggle a Reverse Hadouken

It gives new FG players a terrible habit of wiggling out DP’s.

I come fro a Guilty Gear background. No game has come close to that execution barrier yet.

lol wiggle thats a nice way to put it. Yes, Third Strike is more strict than SF4 is, but it isn’t as much as GG/BB or KOF wit dose super inputs (ALL HAIL THE LEGENDARY :db::hcb::df: PRETZEL).

Then use pad. Seriously, you don’t have to play on an arcade stick to be good at fighting games

There’s really no shortcut around it, but to practice. I know that’s all you hear, but it honestly is the best thing you could do.

But there is something you could do to help yourself out tremendously, and that is to try out different hand techniques. There are tons of different ways to hold a fightstick. Google some videos of people playing on fightsticks, and try out some of the different hand techniques you see. It will make learning how to fight on an arcade fightstick a lot easier.

But I like stick so far. I’ve done combos more easily than I would have been able to on pad. I’ll just keep practicing and become good that way.


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