Why is A3 Honda so useless?


Just wondering what is so useless about Honda? He seems to have ok priority, reach, vc’s, a 360 grab, anti-air (jab torpedo, FP etc). I’m not saying he IS any good but on paper I don’t see why he seems to have so much trouble.


All I knows is that he has the like the worst hit box in the game. So much so that he can’t even tech roll against anyone with a fireball because he will get hit if one is throw when he does. He’s not wholly bad it’s just the system and game screws him over.

Also imo most other characters have at least one property that will make them survive just that bit better against opposition. For some the property may be the ability to land VC’s in variety of situations, or a hella good normal good priority or the ability to put on pressure with attack strings, speed, etc.

Unfortunately honda doesn’t really have anything like this :lol:. Which means he is often fighting with one hand metaphorically speaking against a character with two. It’s not impossible to win but when you add it all up it just that much harder.


Big hitbox, low damage output, shitty air normals, shitty jump speed/arc, headbutt is somewhat risky with activations around on some characters (same with butt slam), ochio has no range, etc.

He’s not totally useless. I’ve seen good Hondas, but once you get a lead on him, and you force him to come to you, he has very few good tools for doing so.