Why is AE the "Apology Edition"?


(2012 edition, I meant)
I mean… AE better than Super… what is Capcom apologizing about? They’re known to milk a game as much as possible with “different versions” since the days of World Warrior.

I just don’t get why it’s being labelled as the “apology” edition.


For the twins being supposedly broke.


That’s what makes it fun… SSF4 is boring as shit… Why they reduced the damage output from Vanilla is beyond me, but if they kept that, SSF4 would have been godlike, despite all of the other changes. AE has big punishes from certain characters. I mean, honestly…
ST - one mistake, you lose 30-100% life
3S - one mistake, you lose 30-100% life.
4 - one mistake, you lose 30-60% life
SSF4 - a hundred mistakes, you lose 2% life (Exaggerated)


I thought Apology Edition referred to v.2012, not the current Arcade Edition


Yeah, that’s what I meant… StuHay picked up on that…

Why is 2012 being called the "Apology Edition"
Makes no sense because AE is better than Super. No reason to apologize. If anything, AE should be called the Apology Edition.

Honestly - instead of wasting time requesting what you want changed in the game, people should be learning how to fight the twins and Fei, which at some point will make them weakened. Then there wont be a reason to complain about it anymore.


I agree to an extent, but I like the fact that so far the dev blogs have revealed more buffs than nerfs. Hopefully they don’t nerf the top tier too much. That Ken and Sagat got buffed is a good sign I guess, but it seems unlikely that Fei, Yun and Yang are gonna be left alone. That said, even if they do get hit by the nerf stick I won’t mind so much if everyone gets stronger on average.


AE Upper (This is the actual name for ver2012) is giving out mostly buffs (so far) so I’m hoping more get the Yun/Yang/Fei treatment. Looks like they doing what I thought they should do and leave A tier alone for the most part and balance around them.


I don’t understand why people legitimately feel AE is a better game than Super. Sure it might be faster paced, but the actually viable character/playstyle pool is the smallest it has been in the series. There is no excuse for Fei and the twins to be so domineering in certain matchups that they actually remove characters from tournament play by default.


Well in Vanilla SF4, you basically HAD to play sagat, akuma, ryu or rufus if you wanted to win…that’s 4 out of 25. It isn’t worse in AE


If you wanna get finicky then you could say the ratio of total characters to usable characters is still worse in AE than in Vanilla.

Meh. I don’t play SF4 any more, AH3 BABY!!


The new additions to Super were, for the most part, unfinished. They were more ill-equipped than anything.
AE has less ill-equipped characters, all you need to do is work hard but at least you have the tools or functioning tools to deal with whoever now. All it is here is learning the matchup well and less about gimped tools.
People saying Super was better probably played Honda, Guile, Rose, Sim or Cammy.


AE was/is fucking horrible, AE is about as fun as getting my dick caught in a lift door im glad it will soon be over and we can all get on with our lives.
Id take Super over AE any day


because not everyone’s like you, a lot of people like to have a balanced game.

your stupid for thinking other wise.


This, but its mostly Yun and Fei that were getting complaints and some characters being nerfed too much like Honda.


I’d rather have an unbalanced game with lots of strong characters than a balanced game with weak ones.


Tell that to the scrub army over at Unity and EventScrubs.


Basically this.
Ever notice that the most balanced of fighters don’t get played much?
Virtua Fighter
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Vampire Savior.

All fantastic games, but their audience is about 10% of all fighting game players.
Most fighting game players play the broken ones. That’s why MvC2 is so fucking hype. Many people play for the challenge of being able to topple unfavorable matchups. I know I do. If all of my matchups are 5/5 or 6/4, I’m going to be super fucking bored after a while.
I enjoy working my ass off at that 9/1 matchup or watching somebody finally succeed when the favor is in my court. That’s why I run Blanka in ST. His most even matchup is 6/4 against Dictator, but his most common ones - Ryu / Gat / Ken is 7/3 against him, and in Gat’s case it’s 8/2 against him… DJ is 8/2 against him. Gief is 9/1 for him. Hawk is 8/2 for him. Claw/Boxer/Sim is 8/2 or 9/1 against him. Cammy and Fei are 8/2 against him. Dictator is 6/4 against him. Guile is 6/4 for him. Honda varies depending on level of play, A LOT… 9/1 in low level for Honda, 9/1 in intermediate level for Blanka, 7/3 for Honda in high level. Chun is 9/1 against Blanka.

Nothing terribly even.


Vampire Savior is very much not balanced. Neither is AE. I wouldn’t get to worked up over a joke title for a balance update.


AE is just ugly as fuck to play and to watch, just look at what they did to Ryu, took away footsies and added trade ultra. It’s like they really have something against fundamentals.


i enjoy playing AE as much as i enjoy getting kicked in the nuggets