Why. is. birdie. fat?



Are they ever going to bother to explain this? They completely ignored his backstory. Wasn’t he previously a wrestler and a rival to Zangief?


Probably because he ate a lot. Mystery solved. @d3v close this bitch down.


Because donuts have gotten a lot better since the release of Alpha 2.


His plot in the old games was as a thug that wanted to work for Shadaloo. He makes the cut but he really disliked it (for very silly reasons) because he’s trying to escape in V so he probably got fat eating out of depression or just through not caring to upkeep.


I was so disappointed with Birdies redesign, been waiting for him to make a comeback since Alpha 3, and when he finally does they made him a comic relief, bleh. But I’ve gotten used to him, at least he’s fun to play!


I dislike the redesgin as well. Guess they need a fat character in every game?
Its just really lazy I feel, he was so cool in Alpha games.


Because fuck you that’s why!


Let me guess, all the people who dislike the fat design would just prefer that Birdie was another muscle hunk like most of the rest of the male cast so that they can better live out their power fantasies, but now they have to play as a fat guy and this makes them sad/mad because they hate fat people.


I’ve been a donut aficionado continuously since the Alpha 2 days. Don’t let trendy flavors and ‘artisanal’ shops fool you, true progress in the donut arts has been grudging and slow.


Because he ate OP’s spacebar


Yeah, because making someone fat is really unique, endearing and cool. And all fat people think about is food right?
Its just lazy, there is nothing interesting about making another fat character that all he thinks about is food.


I would have been much happier if the theory that Birdie succumbed to depression due to something (they could come up with a good reason) and thus let himself go was true, they shouldn’t have made him a comic relief. I could have lived with fat birdie if the whole thing had an interesting backstory.


His eating is a pg way of alluding to drug abuse.


The whole hat thing is silly, but I kinda took it more as a “last straw” kind of thing, since he never seemed to have a huge amount of respect for Shadaloo in the first place. I ASSUME he just doesn’t like the organization in general. I mean, he tried to take it over in Alpha and might have succeeded if he didn’t decide to rely on Balrog. He’s not painted as being completely stupid.

Maybe he’s fat but he still has huge muscles and wrecks people in a rather not-so-funny way when he actually gets his hands on them. So he’s still cool in my books. He’s not quite Rufus levels of dumb.


In context, I actually don’t mind this. It’d be unwarranted if the characters were younger, but in a game at this point in the timeline it’s funny to see characters like Ryu and Chun-Li who’ve kept their composure over the years, whereas Birdie just didn’t care.


He probably took in more carbs than he would burn over a long period of time.


I love fat Birdie. He’s awesome. I love when I win a match and he throws those donuts in the air.


i just agree with varminbaby, birdie is a big pig, a disgusting guy with bad manners, he drink energy drinks, throw banana peels on the ground, etc. He is a great antihero for sfv.


Because he likes food. So he let himself go. For him Food>everything. So, off he went.


Maybe the psycho drive fucked with his metabolism