Why is blanka cheap?



I’m not saying blanka is cheap, but every 4 or 5 matches i get msg’s from ppl sayin how much of a scrub i am for using the cheapest character in the game but when i ask why he’s cheap they ignore me, why do ppl think this? is it because he’s anti fireball? thats not much of an excuse to call someone cheap, if thats the reason don’t spam fireballs right? lol

It really bugs me when ppl say he’s cheap considering he’s been right around the middle of damned near every tier list i’ve ever seen. I don’t see how people can say he’s cheap and heres my reasons why he’s not.

  1. No Light Chains or any chain combos for that matter (very annoying)
  2. All his specials are extremely punishable (also very annoying)
  3. Pretty much all his combos are 1 frame links
  4. No useable way to combo or juggle into his ultra’s
  5. No specials are fast enough to be reliable wake up moves.

Sure he does have some huge perks like command dash, insane mix up, best cross up in the game imo and his beast slide (which is also very punishable), but these things don’t out rank the downfalls in my mind so what do you guys think? Why or Why not is blanka cheap? Kinda excited to hear what people have to say about this.

Regarding character hate

ur Cheap = im salty cuz I dont know how to deal. Ignore haters. Have fun.


Blanka is cheap because people need an excuse for their loss. Can’t spam hp roll or even mp roll so they can’t bitch about that anymore. My assumption is that because he wins by lots of single hits or small combos instead of a fancy vortex or long combo.


lol and maybe they cant handle the footsies …


Recipe for online tears:
1 tablespoon of Roll/Hop->throw
A hint of random slide
A generous pinch of j.mk


Whats funny is that people don’t bitch about the actual cheap stuff Blanka can do.

I sit on my ass and AA jumpins = hatemail
I unblockable someone 6 times in 2 rounds = no hatemail

If you’re getting hatemail that means the other person has a bad attitude and you are taking them out of their comfort zone when you win. So you are doing something right.


People can’t handle being blocked, then punished for their stupidity.


Well I did make someone rage quit IRL at an arcade with my Blanka. The guy kept on jumping and refused to block yet he still bitched and complained…and then walked away before the match ended. :wtf: :sad:


What annoys me the most is the turbo accusations. I am not the piano master since I play with keyboard but I buffer lp electricity a lot (on rol , hop etc). I get all these people telling me I am turbo scrub , I tell them there is a replay channel go see my inputs etc but they don’t get it.

Anyway accroding to my rep on gfwl 25 % are neutral towards me and 75% avoid me :S .


I get accused of Turbos in ST because I can walk up and cancel c.mk xx HP elec. I can also cancel s.lp into HP elec. I play classical piano. It’s not that hard for me.
I get accused of dumb shit too, like a guy that just did Dhalsim drills, and I jump straight up and HP him… He called me "random jumper"
I get accused of taking “cheap shots” because his Ryu desperately wanted a jump in hk, but I’d vert ball him every time he left the floor because it was so easily telegraphed.

Dumb shit… Dumb dumb shit.


new players play blanka and spam blanka balls and win vs people who don’t know how to punish them. also i feel like many blanka player do stupid stuff and win a round or a match because you’re opponent isn’t able to switch from playing a smart player to a stupid one. this is why there is so much blanka hate i think.


i realise i’m probably going to get torn apart here for replying as a non-blanka player. i’ve never sent a ragemail to anyone, but i used to consider blanka a real pain and i’ve been in lobbies with people complaining about blanka.

to answer your question; blanka can’t really be crossed up since he can just do elec, ex up-ball comes out real quick so it’s hard to safe jump him, afaik his slide is now nerfed(?) but it’s quite a soul destroying tool at times, ex ball obviously goes through fireballs and comes out pretty fast, his crossup is relatively ambiguous.

i think a lot of the reason people call him cheap is because of some of the more “gimmicky” things he can do. now again, i’m not saying blanka is gimmicky (i’m an akuma player with too many gimmicks to say that :D) however i’ve heard a ton of people complain about;

normal roll tricks, namely whiff lp ball into throw
ex rainbow roll tricks; making it look like it won’t cross up, then crossing up… making it look like it will cross up, then bringing it back short and throwing
ultra1 50/50s
hop mixups into throw/combo/elec/ex upball

anyway; tl;dr is imo people call him cheap cause he has a couple of gimmicks that make people panic. however in the long run it’s just someone getting salty because they haven’t learnt the matchup.


electricity has no invincibility, and Blanka has to buffer it off of something to get it out. If you try to cross a dude up and he hits you with an 18 frame anti air, guess what? that was a bad jump. if he was knocked down, it was still a bad jump.

you can punish ex upball on hit with lots of characters, so even if you time your safejump incorrectly you should still be in good position. It’s a very risky reversal because it doesn’t knockdown on hit, isn’t fadcable, and is very punishable on block. It’s a great AA, but a crap reversal.

slides good, but focusable on reaction in the ranges where it is good to slide. Ex horiball is good, but not as good as other anti fireball tools because it doesn’t give you any momentum, it just resets the situation with your opponent down some life. His crossup game is good yes.

I can sweep this on reaction 90% of the time. LP ball is something like 26 frames, and throw is another 3. if you can’t react in time to hit him consistently you have terrible reactions.

hit a button? thats the easiest way to deal with ex rainbow. or focus. If it was reversal you should have option selected it and it shouldn’t be over your head in the first place.

His 50/50 ultra is actually his most reliable way to land ultra. Other characters do this crazy thing where they can turn most any combo string into ultra.

Hop mixups are at massive frame disadvantage so they are very risky because you are relying on your opponent messing up their punish. His hop game on wakeup is no different than any crossup, and is actually easier to see IMO.


i have no doubt you know your character way better than i do, but you seem to be trying to correct me there, and i wasn’t trying make points. i was mostly just repeating blanket statements i’ve heard people moan about, since the op asked why some people call him cheap.

as i said in my last line, its mostly because they’re salty and don’t know the matchup.


Also I didn’t mean that to come off like I was downtalking slide or something. It’s Blanka’s best anti projectile tool, a great punish tool, and great for option selecting with.

However most of the time you get hit by slide you did something wrong. You either threw a bad fireball, did something punishable(ryu sweep), or you did a backdash/etc.

Footsie slide for Blanka is very risky because close in it is a free combo on block and farther out it’s very easy to focus. There is kind of a sweet spot for it, that can be blown up by a walk forward block pretty easily. Random slide is no bueno, and I’m saying this as someone who does it too much, it’s easy to blow up, people just decide not to.


I like explaining why stuff sucks. Don’t mind me.

Other people will read this thread and I like to point out that there is an answer for things, or why things are bad.

A lot of what people complain about is misconception and the part of your post that was personal

^ this part, was largely built on misconception.


sorry, that was from a “when i was way scrubbier and got frustrated i thought…” line of thinking :slight_smile:


IMO if someone hates a char they should main them lol that’s how I started to main blanka … I used to hate getting matched up with a blanka …now I dont mind at all …


Blanka is weak, but scrubs are too lazy to learn the match up, so they hate him… it’s simple.


I got the same comments when I played as Honda as I do now with Blanka. If you are not a shoto you usually get the “cheap” remark about once a week.