Why is Blanka so hated?



Howdy everyone.
I am a new user hear on this forum, although I have read a lot here for some time now.
And this topic I am starting maybe is already here, but I didn’t find so I am starting with this.
Among other characters, I use to play Blanka too and one thing that doesn’t get into my mind is why there is so much hate against Blanka…
I was watching some Youtube videos and came upon comments like these:

that’s how blankas are… fucking lunatics

“*That damn Blanka…I hate this character with a passion…*”

Always love to see a random Blanka get bopped.

All blanka’s shit is 100% safe.
Fuckin hate blanka
free chip, unpunishable ultras, no recovery, super fast jump, invincible hop

well… you all know what I am talking about…
But why o much hate?

Really, this is something that I just can’t understand, and this makes me sad, really…
In your opinion, why do people hate Blanka?


he was pretty much the original gimmick character. we all think we’re smarter than we really are so when we lose to Blanka it makes us emotional

also he’s kinda way dumber online


Honestly I think it’s because Blanka looks ugly his character seems “stupid” and jhis moves just looks scrubby. So getting beaten by him makes you feel stupid when you’re most likely using a good locking/cool/fierce/pretty/dominate personality character. On top of all that because everybody knows he’s extremely punishable when they can’t punish something they feel they should whether it’s because it’s online lag or legit safe ball/slide setup people get frustrated even more and feels blanka players are winning because of luck.

Until a decent player actually faces a good blanka player it’s hard for ppl to take blanka seriously.

Unfortunately there’s probably only a handful of good blanka players in the world to display that.

Blanka is an extremely easy character to pick up and can easily beat many less skilled players but definitely takes a really good understanding of footsies and numerous set ups to actually play him well


By virtue of how he is designed, Blanka tends to expose players who think they are better than they actually are. It’s easier to blame the character than admit a lack of matchup knowledge.