Why is cammy considered overpowered?



I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that cammy is like the best character, but I don’t think she’s won an Evo though right?


Cammy has some of the strongest characteristics in the game and because she is hard to punish if you don’t know the matchup, due to her speed, people bitch a lot.

Yet she has no safe way to get in, no true overhead, no command grab, below average health, no safe chip.


Dont justify the character. Her risk/reward is too low and she does absolutely ridiculous damage and stun. Also ex dive is stupid hard to AA for lots of chars. Best in the game, prob not, top 3-5 definitely.


Well I guess her damage is getting nerfed in ultra right? I wonder how much


They’re scaling down her ability to stun too. I feel the changes they’re making are substantial but will not change people’s outlook on her though, at least for the masses.


When I did the C to C achievement I finished Cammy the fastest, and this is why, in my opinion, she is so easy to use, big damage and stun, great range on normals, hard to punish specials, brain dead easy links.


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Several reasons.

She’s small(it makes a difference when navigating fireballs), quick and has several ways to close distance.

Her EX divekick is so fast it’s nearly impossible to AA(she can do it like 2 feet off the ground too), and she gets a big, easy combo off it that takes something like 30% of your health bar.

2 of these combos in a row is almost guaranteed to stun, as well. on that note, she also has a vortex. she makes you guess on your wakeup weather her divekick is gonna crossup or not. guess wrong, and you eat another 30% combo, and likely get stunned.

Her damage and stun is stupid high, and she gets a great vortex with which to apply them.

also, her combos are retarded. it’s like, divekick, fierce, fierce, short fierce. it’s braindead and does far more damage and stun that it should for such an easy combo


you made good points until saying fierce fierce short fierce…all was lost lol


The hell does easy have to do with OP, anyway?


Because easy=more likely to be able to use in a real match.

less chance of dropping, takes less effort and concentration.

Even if other chars can do the same damage with some shorter frame link FADC combo or something, the odds of dropping that are much higher.

For example, Vega’s crouching punch combo into his EX dive thing is like, a bunch of 1 frame links in a row. thus, it’s very easy to mess it up, even fore a very good player.


No, that’s practical, not easy.

One frame links are one frame links, regardless of character, and if you’re a good Cammy player then you’re using them. It’s not just damage, the choice of combo determines her oki. If you’re playing against a Cammy player who isn’t, and you’re losing, then you should take that as a sign.

That post is scrubby.


Tinshi, is that you?


About as scrubby as most cammys.

And yea, she’s very “practical”, in the sense that she has a buttload of options, and pretty much all of them do stupidly high damage and stun. and since most of them originate from her ridiculous “EX divekick, even from 2 feet off the ground”, they’re fairly easy to land as well.

Like all vortex characters, once she knocks you down it negates skill and turns the match into a guessing game. of course, what she has over most is her insanely high damage and stun.

When the delayed wakeup mechanic is implemented in ultra, expect to see tons of cammys online drop in rank fast.


The delayed wakeup mechanic only works for untechable knockdowns. Cammy gets most of her oki off soft knockdowns.
Also as mentioned already her okizeme is combo specific and unless the unreliable (as you call it) 1 frame links and characterspecific combos are used she doesn’t get anything ambiguous of it unless the usual braindead derpy online hero that won’t learn anything even if he does the same mistake for 2 years.
Cammys EX Dive and damage output will basically be the same in Ultra (most combos do ~8 less damage) and her Oki won’t change that much because soft knockdowns are not affected by delayed quickrise.
Even in Ultra if people use the right combos she will basically need only 2 combos and a throw or a confirm to stun someone which is still more than enough.

I will laugh my ass off when scrubs like you will still get rekt by a nerfed cammy in USF4


Kind of a funny way of saying it, since according to you she’s not even really being nerfed.

And I rarely lose to any cammys online, because the majority of them are trash. most of the 3000+PP players are just the ones who discovered her retarded vortex and practiced long enough to not drop the stupidly damaging combos she gets from it. if you just play footsies with them and stay on your feet, they fall apart.

it is VERY rare for me to see any cammy with actual fundamental skill. they rely HEAVILY on the character’s broken guessing game mechanics and her high damage and stun output.


it’s incredibly rare for me to play a cammy that’s anything but a braindead autopilot, which is why they lose so often. Against an actual skilled player using cammy, it becomes stupid hard because any mistake I make gets punished with a 35% combo into a vortex for 50/50 chances of getting another one, if I don’t guess right.

Yea, fair character right there.



Cammy is OP because most of the people that play her online aren’t very good.

Everyone else online is much better and deserves those points, because it’s really hard to land some of their combos when you’re the one doing them instead of watching the Cammy player doing them.


Pro tip for beating Cammy

+Don’t quick stand
+Know her frame traps
+Practice punishing her whiffed moves
+Know that any strike above shoulder height isn’t safe


Implying we can’t crossup strike on non quickrise ( ͠° ͜ʖ͡°)


Haha, of course not.
I’m still a Cammy fraud :’(