Why is Chun so different in each game?



Looking at HDR, 3rd, USF4, and SFV there’s always big changes. I know, sequels yadda yadda switch it up, ect, but still…

She need mashing Lightning Legs and Upkick (charge or DP motion) back. She feels so wrong without them. Anyone else feel the same way?


I like the motion variation of Chun better. And those are the incarnations where she’s actually top tier. Not saying there’s a direct connection there, because it might be incidental, but it’s worth considering.

But to answer your question, I think Chun is just one of those characters that doesn’t really have a super iconic moveset. Guile without Sonic Boom and Flash Kick isn’t Guile, and Shotos are defined by their moveset. As long as Chun has lightning legs and thick thighs, she’s still Chun. She’s kind of like Dictator or Claw in that regard. She’s more defined by her visuals and general fighting style rather than specific iconic moves or inputs.


She’s mostly the same in every game, they just mix it up a tad bit more for her.


While i agree with you about her upkick (Tenshokyaku) needing to come back, giving her a proper and strong anti-air, I disagree with your opinion about giving back her mashing Lighting Legs. QCF motion just feels better for me.


At competitive level play, Chun is known for her normals. That’s what she’s been known for in the FGC. She’s only known for her specials among casuals/non competitive fans.

Like in 3S people usually just talk about her b+HP and c.MK. In SFIV people usually just talked about her s.MP and really good focus attack. It’s only in SFV that she really has a real prominent use for a special again with instant air legs. She’s always been one of the characters with the largest set of normals and command normals. Even in V she’s one of the only characters that still has a neutral jump normal.


SF4 is about her normals and the 3554217 ways she needs to antiair D:


Fair enough. Too bad there is no way to switch inputs based on preference.


Not sure what you mean, her fireball, legs, and bird were all used for multiple reasons and were very important to her in HDR. They seemed much less important (or at least used less often or for fewer reasons) in SF3 and I don’t know her much in SF4 (didn’t like using her) but HDR definitely made her use them and were as important as her normals (especially fireball and legs). Granted, Upkick was trash but she still needs it back (just make it good, lol).