Why is CVS2 so regional

CVS2 seems to be ridiculously popular on the west coast mostly in Cali but its pretty popular in Denver as well. i wonder why the east coast shuns cvs2 so much i mean hardly anyone plays in new york outside of the the handful of regulars that show up at cf. then you have players who live in new york but won’t even come out to play against each other they would rather sit at home and play live or just not come out at all. and now that i’m moving to the south where its like cvs2 Siberia but they will play crappy games like UMK? wtf. i hear its pretty big in MD although i’ve never been there to play. heard the scene in boston flamed out. I just don’t get why it isn’t as popular as 3s or marvel. ppl complain there’s nothing new or whatever…its a fighting game there’s a limit to the amount of depth is going to have…marvel is the same shit over and over again but you don’t hear ppl saying …there’s nothing new in marvel so i’m not gonna play it or whatever. Then i thought about the technical aspect 3s is just as technical if not more than cvs2 and again has been out for several years so there isn’t going to be anything new in that game either…pick up chun ken yun and win.

oh well maybe i’m ranting maybe seeing all those ppl playing on saturday made me wish for every friday to be like that…ppl would get so much better…how in the hell does east coast expect to get on the level as the west …if they won’t even play each other.

japan>west coast>east coast. guess thats just the way it is.

I think the discovery of RC’s killed CvS2 for a lot of people. Some will argue that it adds depth to the game while others will argue it just makes the game broken. I don’t really have an opinion of it but I do believe that RC’s make execution in CvS2 a lot more difficult meaning a lot of people are too lazy to learn it. (it is pretty lame how RC’s can straight up punish a level 3 super tho)

Cancels in CvS2 also seem a lot more strict to me than in SF3 so maybe that’s it. I’m not sure if it’s true but just from messing around, it feels that way.

The CvS2 is relatively dead in the Toronto scene as well, unfortunately. I really don’t get why people use the “RC Ruined CvS2” excuse all over the place. RC is like picking Top 4 in marvel imo. It probably has something to do with how CvS2 is lacking the flashy “i just raped your ass” marvel madness.

I’ve heard people complain about the lack of variety, which makes me laugh even harder, since marvel you have 4 players, were as CvS2 you have plenty of tourny playable characters.

not gonna discuss about 3s since I don’t have enough knowledge about that game to make any comparisons.

laugh, you’re probably on to something about the practice in cvs2. execution isn’t going to save you in CvS2 like it could in Marvel, and again, cvs2 execution isn’t as flashly as marvel.

the boston is scene is pretty sad. I’m still a scrub at this game and I wanna get better but everyone would rather play something else they got into, or play 3S cause parry into c.forward xx you got gayed is such fun. It’s as if the fighting game community likes games where only 4 playable chars is a good game. Marvel may only have like 4 playable chars with a select few OP Assists but that games potential in comebacks is off the charts which makes it fun for me to watch at least. 3S is just either you got genei jin fucked or parry supered by the other 3. maybe it’s just me n gridman in boston but we have passion for cvs2 because it’s balanced and the chance for variety is possible.

theres no arcade scene in boston thats for sure, it’s all gatherings where everyone brings their own stick.

MD CvS2 isn’t that large of a scene. We’ve got about 20 people throughout MD/VA that are proficient enough to mention, but there’s only a few that really take it seriously, and none of us really play that much anymore. :sad:

But, yeah, laugh hit it on the head, IMO. There is no immediate reward with CvS2.

Also, CvS2 is one of the last games of the arcade generation. Along with Marvel, this game is only still alive in areas that either have arcades, or still have active players from that last generation.

The new generation plays 3S and GG. No love for Cv2.

I don’t understand what’s so fun about SF3 honestly. It’s either Chun, Ken or Yun with the occasional splash of makoto. All you see is a bunch of whiffing to build meter then OP CC with yun (kinda like bison -_-), kara throws with chun, and the incredibly overdone parry to c.mk xx super with ken. I literally have the image of the ken super flash with the standing rh animation burned into my brain.

Watching Dudely and Makoto is kind of interesting but jeesus, I can’t stand watching another Yun CC or Kara throw.

At least in CvS2, you can hit somebody out of a CC but with yun, it’s just all bad. Short short universal overhead short short. CMON!

Kentucky only has 1 CvS2 player left. I got to move out of here.

Cancels in CvS2 are easier than in 3S IMO since you usually combo off multiple hits (3 low shorts, c.LK > c.LP > c.MK, etc).

It’s also worth mentioning that links are a big part of the game, more in CvS2 than in any other Capcom game. That’s one of the reasons I love the combo system in CvS2 so much.

That’s when I remind people that CvS2 is a TEAM GAME. You can build a team where one character covers the others weaknesses (something you can;t do in games like 3S or ST).
Gunter gave a good example of this with his “oddball + 2 top tiers” team formation idea.

I agree that the short x 3 cancels are pretty straightforward, but there are a lot of other cancels that are much more strict. In SF3, you have a day and a half to cancel ken’s c.mk into his super. I don’t agree so much with the c.lk, c.lk, c.mk xx super combos being easy though as there are a ton of very strict links that require very good execution to land.

-Blanka’s c.lk,c.lk,s.lp xx DL is a very difficult cancel
-Nearly all of Geese’s cancels are hard
-Kyo in general requires very good execution and his combos are very tight timing wise (specially the juggles and OTG’s)
-Sagat’s c.lk, s.lp, c.mk xx hotfoot is pretty hard as well

your 3S scene just isn’t big enough :P. Toronto has a huge 3S scene, argued as one of the best out side of japan. We have players that play just about every character religiously (Q, 12, Necro, Elena, maybe except Sean).

it’s so sad to see such a deep game go down the drain cause the new generation of gamers don’t have the patience to learn a game.

All the examples you gave just emphasize my point.
Link combos are hard indeed, but once you get them down canceling the last hit into special/super isn’t problem. The way I see it, having 2 or 3 hits before canceling into special/super makes it way easier to hit confirm (and if it gets blocked it does guard damage, so it’s all cool in the end).

yup, 3s and CvS2 have different ways of “confirming” hits into supers. Both have their challenges.

cvs2 > all

CvS2 still lives to an extent in central TX. We have our own group consisting of about 6 members here, and since we have an arcade at college we try and teach others who play the game how to get better. Most don’t get much better but some do. Houston has about the same amount of players. Thats about it …

there seems to be a mild surge of interest in cvs2 going in dallas these days. kind of random too, started like a month ago

i think its because people are starting to finally realize what a piece of turd 3s is

The problem is, lots of links are easy as they have a lot of frames to link into meaning less timing needed. However a lot of cancels on the final hit are hard as hell. Geese’s close s.fp is difficult to cancel off of and anybody that thinks it’s easy is straight up lying -_-. Same thing with Kyo’s s.rh into serpent. I also have a somewhat difficult time with sagat’s c.mk yet I can cancel off of his fierce’s with ease. Maybe the last example is just a personal problem but I know Kyo and Geese cancels are very very tight.

Well I dont live in the US but CvS2 is slowly starting to pick up here in the UK. We have quite a shit cab but its the only one we got in London (probably in the whole of the UK lol). Our last event (Super Vs Battle 08 where a couple of Greeks, Swedes and the odd French came down) has got some people interested in CvS2 that includes some of our 3s players lol. Im always trying to get people to play CvS2 here via forums or general chat. But alas there are still way more 3s & hyper / ST players here.

People just dont appreciate the skills required in CvS2.

i agree with most of the posts so far…and at a glance cvs2 does look slow i remember thinking this when i used to be a big time marvel fan…but once you start playing you realize completely the opposite(well it can be slow in turtle fests) but if you have a decent game plan rush as well as defend this game completely consumes you. I remember when i first start becoming somewhat of a decent player trying to learn all of rock’s little tricks and shit before too long i forgot what the hell marvel was…this game is pretty deep and requires a good amount of strategy…and probably the largest amount of usable characters…besides its a game where you actually want to play the snk characters…haha …although the new kof looks pretty good…but no rock=no me

well, i think the difference could be that turtling time in marvel involves hitting buttons where cvs2 more involves zoning. Less buttons = less excitement i guess.

i dont know about all that and i am a cvs2 only player, but when i play 3s i never get any bullshit wins…and get destroyed…and have to do a lot of planning…

im outi


dallas cvs2 is cuhrazy~ 3s is for people who like to tap all sorts of random directions to win.