Why is D3v even here? Least of all a mod?


Has this guy ever said anything of worth on these forums? Anything that wasn’t mind-numbingly stupid?

Does he even play fighting games? Has he seen one before?

Is there anyone on SRK that doesn’t think he’s a moron? Because I’ve yet to find one here or irl.

Seriously had forgotten about this guy, but every time I do come back and randomly browse the forums I find some different person shitting on him.

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I miss the abuse flag already.


Who the fuck are you OP? I hope you get IP banned you fucking idiot.





Okay I going to give you the low down. Since you are a newcommer so I not going to go all psycho on you.

D3v is a major contributor here on SRK and the Capcom Unity forums and that was before he was made into a moderator.

“Does he even play fighting games?” Dev has a extensive knowledge of fighting games and regularly engage in the local fighting game scene in his home country.
He also a writer for articles here on SRK. I am sure he knows more about fighting games that you do.

D3v is a talented graphic artist and helped many players with their custom art for there arcade sticks including several of my own sticks.


I’m not gonna shit on D3v or anything but there’s something to be said about the way moderators fail at their job on SRK when you have the same 8-13 year vets acting like man babies like they always have. 5-3 year guys puffing their chest out and trying to perpetuate what was done to them in 09 to any newcomers. This is supposed to be the most legit hub for this community to converge and it does nothing to nurture growth at ALL.


P.Gorath vs. d3v

Is this the deciding battle? Stay tuned to find out folks!




d3v r big bully 2 us newbies so les call out dat 09er sell-out.
No growth for eff-gee-see. I never see dis dude on streams like jwang or floe face


I been on other sites, this is the most legit hub for the community.

But apparently General Discussions is the expansion to 4Chan’s /v/.



Some text so it’s not just a .gif reply.


The cure for that is to stay out of GD alot of the time. Especially the lounge. There are actually some decent threads in FGD though.


This thread is d3vlicious.

Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

OP: all you need to concern yourself with is that D3v isn’t a mod in GD. Why were you stepping out of here anyway? You know you shouldn’t venture out of the safe zone.