Why is DOA hated so much?

I noticed among serious fighting game players, DOA is notoriously hated, and hailed as one of the worst 3d fighting games ever made, second perhaps only to the 3d MK games, and War Gods. Why though? I know one reason I heard is because it has busty women, but so does every other fighting game, both 2d and 3d. In conjunction with this, it’s said this is hated because supposedly the game itself is awful, so Itagaki tries to use tits to sell the game. Ok then, but what exactly makes the games so goddamned awful? Is it the fact it only uses 2 attack buttons(one punch, one kick) making for easier combo chains than in Tekken for example? Is it the fast pace of the fighting? Or is it the counter? I heard the counters are supposedly what’s so awful. Why? What do you feel would fix the counters? What could be done to fix DOA period(outside of “kill the series”)?

I ask because having played DOA3, and 4, the games have very fast paced fighting that reminds me of an old school kung fu movie or some Hong Kong action flick fight scenes or something. And the arenas are very interesting, I’ve never played a fighter with arenas like DOA, save for maybe Tekken 4(which was also hated…). It’s just sad to think a game with such potential can be so damn awful, there must be a fix for it.

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first problem is making another thread that’s just going to end poorly. stop making threads.

He’s gotta keep making threads until he’s banned for feels he’s sufficiently trolled everyone. Also people here are easy to troll, so I dunno why he’s going about it in such an ass backward way.

I’m not trolling, I really want to know. You can’t even ask this shit at gamefaqs, all they do is rant about some char’s tits, or say shit like “DOA sucks cuz SRK said so”. How the hell is that informative? And forget DOA forums, they just talk about Kasumi being kawaii and her tits or some other stupid shit. if I really wanted to troll I’d just make some thread about parrying in SF3.

it’s a numbed down stupidly boring Virtua Fighter. with a button to counter everything.

in other words, Rock/Paper/Scissors/Counter.


Well the parrying shit has already been done to death. So you’re just picking easy issues trying to get people to explain themselves. DOA is hated because it’s more embarrassing to play than other games and kind of obnoxious.

Isn’t rock/paper/scissors in a lot of fighters? What makes it so bad here? And is the counter itself bad as an idea, or more the implementation of it?

holy shit, did you not get that or are you seriously trolling

Not sure if this is true,but when I was at a gathering this weekend with a lot of Tekken/Soul Caliber players, they said that nothing in DOA is unsafe on block. The guy who said it was a 3D game vet. I don’t know how true it is. If it is true, then that can make for a silly game, at least for 3D.

It’s not the point that there’s rock/paper/scissors in DOA. It’s the point that counters basically negate rock/paper/scissors. You want to play rock? Counter. You want to play paper? I see your paper and raise you a COUNTER. You say you want to play scissors? COUNTER, bitch!

It’s as Shin Oni said. Counters are the answer to everything. To be fair, you can’t counter throws. However, that’s such a minute point when you can escape them, just like in every other fighting game.

Basically, the counters are too good. It’s basically a “win” button, to exaggerate it a little. It doesn’t really make it a fun game to play, or watch.

Pretty much. The same thing happens with hitstun. If you’re in stagger, you can still counter. You can counter in the middle of the opponent’s punch strings and even during the recovery of moves. This does change the way the game has to be played, and it’s pretty stupid and defies how fighting games work in general with the general flow of offense and defense, but it’s still decent game.

Punch (on hit) > throw to bait counters is like day one DOA. If you want to do damage from strikes, you have to set up juggles or scare the opponent into not trying to counter from doing a strong mixup that punishes incorrect counter guesses. At a certain point at high level, you don’t see counters so much at all because there’s respect for the opponent’s game. Almost the same could be said of how low level SF players spam dps…though that’s not too accurate of an analogy, dealing with dragons is pretty obvious and straightforward.

So fast characters with good throws (ninjas) end up being good because of this.

Wow, that sounds pretty damn fucked up. Wtf kind of game lets you counter while you are being hit/staggered? That shit is just stupid.

Maybe if you actually the play the fucking game you’d understand.

Why would you make a thread asking about why a game is hated so much and you don’t even understand its (very basic) mechanics? You’re a horrible troll.

Why should a wrestler beat a ninja? It does not make any sense…

I guess I’m the first DOA fan to post in here, so yeah, DOA is pretty good. Pretty casual fan, I liked DOA2 on Dreamcast, and I like DOA4 on 360. Still, I’ve gotten a lot of fun playing them with people.

One thing about the countering, there are actually four different counters, at least in DOA4. High counter, low counter, mid punch counter, and mid kick counter. Up + counter, down + counter, back + counter, and forward + counter.

In other words, this makes it far too unpredictable to be able to simply rely on countering, it’s not just “hit the counter button”. I find if you play against someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ve gotta be on the offensive a lot. That said, there is definitely a lot of countering in the game, but I find it very fun and satisfying.

It’s definitely a less deep game, its more accessible, arcade like, and fun with the crazy cinematic stages, knocking people down stairs and through windows, etc.

So, long story short, I’ll say DOA is a good series, and even a good fighting game series. Just not a hardcore choice.

The game is trash and so are your threads. Stop making them.

The games aren’t trash, I mean can you back that up with any substance? Sure you could say they’re trash as far as tournament level serious competitive fighters go, but would you call Mario Bros or Metal Gear Solid trash because they’re not at EVO? I hope not.

DOA2 and DOA4 are well made, fun games.

For example, there was a topic earlier where people pretty much had nice things to say about Bloody Roar games. Not hardcore fighting games, obviously, but not bad games. Same with DOA.

One of the only posts here with actual sense.
Also IIRC you can’t use holds while being juggled so launchers are pretty good, not to mention frame punishing them on block is a mixup because of said holds.

I don’t know why people hate it either. I enjoy DOA4 much more than i enjoy SF4 because the combos are much easier to pull off yet still not simple as fuck when going against someone who’s good so its still competitive. The limitless supply of combos and the ways you use them in a match gives the game much more replay value and more unique matches than SF4 and the online community of spamming dragon punches could only hope to accomplish. People on DOA4 don’t use the ninjas as much as everyone here likes to make you believe. In fact the ninja chars are rarely used online currently anymore. I’ve seen more Zack if anything. Thank god for SSF4 coming out. Maybe everyone will stop playing only ryu,ken, akuma and guile online.