Why Is Everyone Against Custom Combos In SF4?

**What’s the big deal?

I think an optional Custom Combo meter would be a good idea.

Why does everyone else think it wouldn’t?**

Because they tend to be abused to no end.

Damage scaling. You’d be doing a 30 hit combo that does 5 more dmg than a 6 hit combo.

Capcom doesnt know how to make a game with CC without breaking it. Besides, it doesnt belong in the main series. You want to do a 10 hit combo, fucking practice mode is there for you. Plus with the shortcuts installed in the game and the noob Ultra (help me im getting raped) move you should be fine. Besides it will scare all the casuals away like a raccoon with rabies.

Racking up them red bars.

Go play Alpha series then…

I think if EVERYONE gets to do custom combos it’s generic and boring. They should have given Rose her CC super thing or put Yun in the game and let him do genei-jin. I bet the SF4 people could balance it right for one character if they tried.

To humor you, lets say they did bring it back…
-previous CC were powered by Super meter so they likely would again.
-previous CC needed 1/2 of Super meter to start so they likely would again.
-previous CC attacks did less damage than there non CC counter part. ie damage reduction.
-SF4 already scales damage rather steep.
-FACD already cancels Normals and Specials; CC would by pass this SF4 system.
-2 EX or 1 FACD > SF4 CC beyond setting up an infinite juggle glitch ala SFA3 and riding it out.

If you really want to bypass SF4’s damage scaling and FACD for an effective CC you don’t really want to play SF4.

Fair enough. :rofl:

Not in Alpha 3…

Because this isn’t the Alpha or CVS series.

Crouch cancel infinites?

That’s not a valid point.

Some of the shit you see in Street Fighter 4 came from CVS2.

Just Defend + Parrying = Focus Attack

The Ultra meter from SF4 is just a remix of the Rage meter (K-Groove) from CVS2 which came from Samurai Showdown.**

So why don’t we combine CC’s and alpha counters and make critical counters? Oh wait…

I love that game.:party:

I’m against combos tout court. For example, if from a crouching mp you can always start a 200 hp combo, then they should just get rid of the combo and directly turn crouch mp into a 200 damage move.

please no more CC’s, I never cared for them that much.

This is Street Fighter 4, not Crouch Cancel Infinite Fighter Alpha 3.


Capcom has never done it right.

CCs always become the most broken shit ever.