Why is everyone on Mame for cps-2 games?

I’m personnaly on kawaks 1.54 because:

  1. It correctly detects and configure my gamepad(which is awesome: saitek p2500).
  2. It doesn’t desync(compared to fba, which is his only flaw to date).
  3. It is very easy to setup.

Why are YOU not using it for cps-2 ?

Kawaks doesn’t like my keyboard, and won’t accept fast inputs (360s, half circles, or hitting buttons too fast). That’s why I stick with Mame 64 and not Kawaks or any of the newer Mames, all of which require me to do slow, laborous half circle types to get them to register.

Problems like that are individually specific though. My friend has better luck with his controls on Mame 67.
FBA control-wise is decent but has the frame-skipping issue.

mame has more games, and some cps-2 games have special things from mame like 4 player Marvel vs Capcom

It’s better and easier if you know how to use it.

Mame is certainly not better, and there’s no secret to how to use it.

People use it because it’s simple, easy, and everyone else does. Even though it runs CPS2 at about .9 speed, with reliable, but slow and shitty reception of input, ridiculously unneccessary CPU use, and outdated programming. Even when MameMore came out, a Mame clone that had ‘much’ better reception of input, people kept using Mame 64.

Kawaks is great… Runs smooth, proper speed, even has some kick ass recording features(No other EMU records input as well as Kawaks does)… Except that it has KB Problems. It has a hard time dealing with Keyboard Input, and makes things like Half Circles and 360s impossible. Naturally, if you’re on KB, that rules Kawaks out. And, if you’re ‘not’ on KB, that seriously limits your competition. People on KBs won’t be playing you.

‘Offline’, Older FBA(Before FBA .2.94) is the best emulator out there. Plays the games at proper speed, nearly perfect control reception(Nebula gives it a run for it’s money, but that’s a totally different ballpark), very low CPU use, etc. Online, ‘some’ PCs have Frameskip problems with Older FBA.(Note, Desyncing is a problem with Newer FBAs. FBA .2.6 practically ‘never’ desyncs.)

I use a keyboard for all of my EMU play, and I’ve never had much a problem pulling of half-circles in Kawaks, online or offline (any more than usual, that is… I’m not exactly the most skilled fighter out there :p). In fact, Mame was the one that gave me keyboard problems rather than Kawaks… The keyboard config wouldn’t detect the semicolon key (what I normally use for Medium Punch) until I did a buch of screwing around with the control settings (turned off DirectInput, I think).

Online, Kawaks does seem to run more smoothly for me than Mame, but I’ve been using Mame more lately simply due to the fact that everyone else uses it, so it’s much easir to find a match than if I play on Kawaks.

same here… better kb controls… smoother faster and no problem performing double hcb moves…

but since every1 uses mame… there wont be any competition… so gotta get mame too

how you guys throw fireballs with a keyboard amazes me…

In terms of fighting games, I am much better with a keyboard than I am a controller/arcade stick.

I just feel really comfortable having three fingers used for the directions, and three other fingers used for inputting the punches/kicks.

whenever i play you pro it skips and stuff :, but i use mame cause it does have some lag issues but i’ve gotten used to them and for some reason mame doesn’t skip on me, unless server or other player or a virus scan starts…

LOL. I can relate to virus scan starting in the middle of SFA3. I use MAME because it’s extremly popular and I’m havin some issues with Kawaks displayin on my computer.

because they can use 3 punch and 3 kick button to play.

Is it deemed wrong to map 3-punch or 3-kick to a single key? Most keyboards won’t register the input of that many keys. Personally, I’m opposed to people using macros that allow you to do fireballs, supers and combos.

are u Guy? the one who plays only FF people in a3? if so hello thar!

I want fba 0.2.6 !! I had fba before kawaks because i though i was better cpu wise. But it ***** desyncs, so true. Mame is nice but problems running smooth.

MAME runs fine on my computer

Athlon XP 3200+, 1gb ram, 128mb ATI Radeon 9800

Maybe it has problems running smooth with you because you need a new computer?

if my mame runs on this, it’ll run on just aout anything. I just can’t run midway games. :frowning:

kawaks is lame with keyboards so ill stick to using mame, if it didn’t have that problem i’d probably play on it since i think fba and kawaks are superior for cps1/cps2 games.

and oh yeah, mame can only suck real bad for you online if you’re on some outdated pos, get a new comptuer.

Try disabling sound.

I use FBA 2.94 for recording.