Why is everyone so serious?!

Ok I’m sure people will shout me out for asking, but I notice this everytime I play most players at the arcade they always look SO SERIOUS! Not only that, but they always don’t say anything to me. If I beat them, they walk away, or if they win and I go to say “Nice match.” or something, they won’t respond. I don’t know if it’s a japanese thing, but they are fighting games why the hell aren’t they having fun. I understand they have to concentrate, but come on! Laugh if something funny happens, smile if you win, like they’re always so sour! I don’t get it, like enjoy yourselves people!

Gaming is serious business :wink:

do you think this is a game.

is this in japan?

In the u.s people are usually cool, but if a player doesn’t respect you they usually wont say much, but most people say goodshit or good game something along those lines.


Yeah, fighting games are taken seriously, that’s for sure. I do too, but I also make sure that even if I win or lose, I always make sure to show my respect and comment saying, “Good Game!”

Heck, one of my friends told me the other day that when he was playing some FNR4 online, someone disconnected from him when they were losing. Going as far to say different racist comments. That is not cool. That one example just shows that they can’t accept their lose and have no respect.


Real talk

hey yo man dude man yo dude yo man dude

i think i’m starting to catch on

These marks don’t even know. Fighting games and the people who play them do not fuck around. Be glad people say gg. Consider yourself lucky.

People should start celebrating like this when they win: [media=youtube]fv0I1X2r2oQ[/media]

lol, that is some crazy shit!

i really don’t get it. people, especially the '09 retards rag on j wong for celebrating and bringing hype yet others complain about people being too serious.

theres nothing wrong with j wong celebrating and also nothing wrong with being quiet in the arcade.

i normally don’t talk to strangers (cuz i don’t know them) and a few have a chip on their shoulder.

also, i don’t talk much when i play because i’m concentrating. a good part of street fighter is on the mental side, not just physical execution.

however, if people talk to me post game, i’ll respond.

Fixed. :rofl:
Alot of people take games seriously, but it’s always good that you say good game, it’s better than nothing at all.

EDIT: Just read Ouroborus’ post and yeah, if You’re talking to them during the game then that’s fucked, don’t do that, they’re concentrating, it’s like you’re in the cinemas and people at the back are just chatting shit, Yeah… annoying.

Because we have never known love. :mad:

yes… I was once stabbed during a last blade 2 match… :xeye:

Indeed. I’ve wanted to beat some faces in with a crow bar but I keep myself in check and just say “GG”. OP doesn’t know. People get into fights over these matches. Money is sometimes on the line. Some peeps even play for fried chicken.

hahaha much better, i knew i forgot something

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It’s called being competitive

Oh man…Don’t make Tatsu rage…I almost didn’t survive that last time. He humiliated me with taunts and DPs. Its serious…Dead…Fucking…Serious

Is this a game or it this real?
What’s the difference?
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