Why is Flash Rebirth so good?!

Seriously, I’m surprised that there isn’t any sort of Flash thread in 10 pages of old threads. Is anyone reading this right now? Because IMO, it’s the best Flash stuff I’ve read in the past 2-3 years. Hell I think it’s the best stuff in general that I’ve read in the past 2-3 years.

I’m totally on the Geoff Johns band wagon. Anyway, what do you guys think about the story so far? I think issue 3 is the best issue out of the first 3. It’s a fast read, with little dialogue that gets straight to the point. The last few pages regarding the Speed Force is the best part.

It looks good.

I’m sure that people have made Flash threads before, but they always slip off the first page so fast.

yeah I know and i dont blame them for slipping past page one because the flash stuff in recent memory has been pretty awful. but in 10 pages of old threads there wasn’t a single one that i saw. besides i think this “relaunch” deserves it’s own thread.

is anyone reading this?!

it’s good, but unfortunately, its the opinion of many fans that it’s unnecessary.

they don’t give a fuck about Barry, they’ve grown accustomed to Wally.

It’s good but its’s not the best comic out its not even DC’s best comic
GL (not a word Taichi… lol) GLC and BnR are more superior

There’s a ‘sticky’ DC thread that’s in no danger of sliding off the first page, so discussion regarding Flash usually goes there. That’s why there’s no Flash thread. Not that there’s anything wrong with you creating a thread for him of course. :smile:

Flash Rebirth is pretty good.
Not as good as GL: Rebirth…but pretty damn good.

And I’m glad to see Barry Allen back…

That is true. Ever since I’ve been born I think The Flash has always been Wally West. I agree with you, and honestly don’t give a fuck about Barry Allen. But I’m intrigued on where they’re going to take this. Because I dont think that it’s going to be like GL:R where it re-establishes Barry as the main Flash.

I’d like to think that Flash Rebirth is to bring back the whole Flash/Speed Force lore (Just like how GL:R was not only bringing hal back but the whole GL corps and it’s history). I think they’re trying to re-establish everybody and their ties to the Speed Force and what not.

Besides I think Johns is killing off the entire rogues gallery, so he can bring/use them in Blackest Night. but that’s just me



Barry is my favorite flash without a doubt but I just don’t feel this being all that good. I would have to say the most epic thing i’ve seen so far is “that was charity.” that was so full of win it was unbelievable. I’m hoping issue 4 really picks things up.

Darksoul, I fucking LOVE Green Lantern Corps.

I’m quite the GL fan. I just don’t like Hal.

I don’t mind Barry being back, but if he’s meant to usurp Wally, fuck that.

GLC ftw. with that aside, im pretty sure barry isn’t usurping wally but gonna find some way to end up aiding him.

if that happens, I’m fucking DOWN with it.

I’m the world’s biggest Bart fan, but even I knew it was a bad idea to replace Wally. And it still is.

Barry might be able to find a place in the DCU, but it’s not by taking Wally’s.

Wally is the Flash, Wally belongs to the Justice League AND the Titans. Barry wants to join a team, he’s gonna hafta find one.

Wally is IMO the only true sidekick to really have EARNED the main hero’s namesake, thus making him the Definitive flash.

Oh, I dunno, I’d say Grayson earned a shot at being Batman. Not that I think it’ll last, but he’s the most deserving to be in the suit at the moment.

Goeff ****ing Johns. That’s why.

Exact same reason JSA was so amazing and the followup author had a hard time, well, following up.