Why is Guile considered terrible in AE?

Hi guys, I just made a switch to Guile in AE, and so far many Guile Players are saying that he’s terrible/bad/worthless/weak/useless and etc. The problem I have is that people aren’t being real specific on why he’s bad. Does he have alot of matchups that are like 9-1 in his opponents favor or something? He doesn’t seem that terrible to me. What are his bad matchups and why are they bad for him? Thanks.

Guile lack ALOT of mixup game.
Guile damage can only kill kitties.
Guile doesn’t have GTFO-OF-ME move.
Guile games based on punishment, you can’t really initiate combo/mixup.
And lastly…lets say you put 90% effort in your game, your opponent might only need 50-60% effort of his/her game to destroy you only on one single mistake you made.

-He’s a charge character, has problems with rushdown chars like Viper, Yun, Yang, Akuma
-His fireball was nerfed in a game that already has an anti-zoning engine
-His wake-up options suck
-Flash kick is not a dependable AA, can only be used with proper spacing

They should’ve left him as he was, maybe just nerfed his U2 damage and that’s it.

SF4 series Guile simply CANNOT deal with crossups, and dizzies easily. His long-ranged normals are often FA fodder. He isn’t realy scary in terms of damage output.

AE tweaks neuter his whole gameplay style:
[]sonic boom weakened in multiple ways – (1) he gets a LOT less meter if the boom isn’t blocked (cancelled by another fireball / jumped over); (2) counter hit penalties as long as guile is hit in SB throwing animation; (3) reduced blockstun on blocked booms.
]damage reduced on his backfist and flash kicks – his opponents survive longer and thus have more chances to work in a comeback.
[*]not even going to talk about reduction in airthrow range and increased startup time.


Thanks guys for your responses. I didn’t realize he was nerfed alot. He doesn’t seem unplayable, but I’m just gonna stick it out with him for a while and see where that takes me. He definitely feels more solid then my former main (T.Hawk).

Why AE Guile will not be relevant in competitive play:

AE Guile has no raw comeback power (Due to damage nerfs) and weak offense. So to win you must keep perfect control of the match. If you lose control and your opponent gets a life lead you will risk your soul to reclaim it. In order to maintain control you must play an air tight zoning game (Made harder by AE nerfs to Sonic Boom and Airthrow).

Even by playing extremely safe and low risk you can’t account for your opponent’s strong reads or raw luck which could lead to the one bad situation that leaves you crippled for the rest of the round.

Seems like Dee Jay may be a viable alternative to Guile since the AE patch.

Because he isn’t Yun