Why is/Is Daigo invited Every year?

Why cant EVO Qualifiers be held in japan for EVO or something of that nature. I’m not saying Bring Evo to japan.

er Daigo chooses to come year after year. In fact there are some years where he doesn’t come. I know its a real shock.

This past year he won a free trip to EVO by beating everybody in the Gamestop exhibitions in San Francisco. I think he may have been sponsored in years past, but I don’t know the details. I hope a bunch more Japanese players come this year now that vanilla SF4 has been out on console for a long while and SSF4 will be just about brand new. It will be a more even playing field. :slight_smile:

I sure hope it’s a even playing field. But, being on topic Daigo from what i’ve read is that he’s been sponsored plenty of times. I doubt it’s worth it for him to come and even win the SFIV does it equate out? Just curious.

I think Daigo banks in the positive everytime he comes to Evo with his winnings + Money matches. It probably is very profitable for him every year he comes.

maybe he comes because people want him to come and that maybe even he himself wants to come to this tournament for the money and for the games and for the fun did you ever think about that maybe it’s all about him maybe he likes to travel maybe he likes las vegas maybe he likes getting drunk with a bunch of people that buy him drinks

If I could travel someplace where I have hordes of fanboys adoring me and kicking each other for my autograph, AND I have a good chance of making money, I’d go too.

I saw Daigo sign some chicks boobs last year. Just another day at the office.

I am going to become so famous and adored that a girl will ask me to sign the inside of her vagina. Then I can dust my hands off and be all like, “Just another day in the orifice.” :cool:

why the fuck would we want daigo to come to america? :rolleyes:


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you should be asking

“is daigo invited every year?”

because he doesnt receive any special invites to evo afaik.

and the reason for not holding any tourneys in japan, well its easier to have several dozen japanese come to american than having, like what is it now, 6000+ americans fly out to japan to have an american tournament.

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thats clear. who the hell said daigo was invited every year. he wasnt here 08 or 07 to my knowledge, and in the same token, nuki and tokido were showing up for a couple years straight, and bas and kindevu are no strangers to evo. we know he got a free ride last year, and reportedly took home close to 6g’s, but before that, who the fuck knows, and who the fuck cares.

do you really think americans would spend all that damn money to fly to fucking japan and stay in japan for 3 damn days? DO YOU REALLY FUCKING THINK THATS SOMETHING WE WOULD DO? dummy… jesus christ. not to mention evo is in fucking las vegas of all places, so you can cut cost by staying at other hotels if necessary, that have everything in english on them, and on your down time, hell fucking o, its las vegas. well worth the trip even if you dont make it out your pools.

let one time evo do what you want, by holding evo in japan, and see a 90 percent drop in attendance, and someone else hold a similar event in america somewhere. cmon son, use your fucking brain. also, its not like daigo has always come here and just took first place every single time he entered evo.

here is a thread i made of evo results from 2k3 and up until 2k8. in reference to this nonsense thread, who gives a shit about daigo. hes never even took first place at evo for the game he is most well known for. lol!!


hahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhha, why don’t u want daigo here? Is he keeping u out of top 8? LOL!

that’s because it’s a trick question, right

p.s. myanimelist

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Hey, this isn’t the Terrible Puns Thread!

Daigo is the best in the world and everyone thinks they can beat him and Daigo proves everyone that enters wrong. No doubt He’s the best and everyone else is second, expect Justin Wong of course. I would like to meet him personally at to get a casual and learn from Daigo, Ha I doubt it.

cool story bro.