Why is it frowned upon for sticks to be wireless but not pads?


People say sticks can’t be wireless as it introduces lag, latency, general connection issues. However most pads are wireless. So why don’t people criticise them for having these issues?

Has there been any proof to show these wireless pads have worse performance than wired ones (or wired sticks)? Or proof to show their performance is better once you connect them? (I’d be willing to bet they transmit wirelessly even when connected)

Just seems crazy to me wireless sticks are seen as blasphemy, yet wireless pads are okay. Is it cause they’re seen as casual, even though there are some well known pro players on pad?

In my opinion, I bet the performance is identical, and going wired is just to pander to the fans and remove any doubt of this non-existent lag/latency issue.


The issue that I would concern myself is, is that typical arcade sticks have metal plates on both the top and bottom of 'em - which could interfere with the wireless communication. Otherwise, the DS4 pads, are better in regards to latency than most aftermarket pads/sticks, etc.


A wireless controller can be affected by any sort of electromagnetic interference by other devices around you and cut out during gameplay. Not to mention that it is very uncool when the battery goes off in the middle of a match.
You’ll see nobody going wireless in tournaments and there’s a reason for that.


It’s all about them wireless keyboards bruh. That’s what you should be playing Shit Fighter 5 with.


Why is this thread not in tech talk?

You have interrupted the tournament match with your backpack gameboy “pad” for DDR. You are now banned from every EVO and Capcom pay more World Tour mode events.


Why is it okay not to lurk more before posting?


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Would these not be issues for people using PS4 dual shock controllers etc?


Simple sticks are bigger so the wireless ones give out more blu-tooth which can do all kinds of nasty shit to you in large quantities.



Because input interference on the signal causes wonky things to happen, like putting a tech thread in GD.


Wireless sticks have been known to cause ball cancer because of the high frequency radio waves in your lap. I had to get rid of my wireless stick after I grew a third nut.


The only way to play like a true gentleman and a scholar is on a Rock Band drum set. It’s easier to keep your rhythm and double-tapping has never been easier. Why do you think they call it “sticks” instead of stick singular? Because all the pros use drums.


Also because with wireless sticks are tied to the consoles which may cause interruptions when trying to play elsewhere.


For a typical user wired/wire performance is equal but it’s more of a tournament/lan party tradition.

All that wireless is hard to manage when you have people moving around/syncing it’s a logistics nightmare. Wireless also was horribly unreliable in the past, it has improved and I would say it is at parity now as long as you’re using modern equipment and not RF or some shit.

Plus the radiowaves blasting your balls is not a good idea.


I’m still getting a vibe that people are against wireless in general. Rather than wireless specifically for sticks. Aaagh it’s too confusing. Surely madcatz or whoever could just make a stick with the exact innerds of a ds4. Same connection issues. Same latency. Same ball cancer generating Bluetooth signals.

It seems to me there are 2 real issues.

  1. Bluetooth interference: currently the amount of Bluetooth devices is low in tournaments. So peeps on ds4 don’t necessarily get interference. But if everyone was using Bluetooth (still needing the controller’s to be on and connected) then perhaps there could be interference.

  2. people reconnecting during someone else’s match. This is simple enough just put a reset button on the stick that makes it forget it’s previous sync. Most wireless controllers have little pin hole buttons to do this, just make it more prominent on sticks


Why do you need to be playing wireless anyway? How far are you gonna be from your console that you can’t have a cable?


My question is why do you need to be playing wired? Console makers realised like 10 years ago that wireless works. Wired sticks is so retro. If wireless is an issue just give them a wired connection also (I.e. all wireless controllers except wiimotes)


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Dude wireless in a tournament is just ridiculous to deal with. It’s just much better to show up, plug in and play. Wireless is cool for casual games and whatnot but serious business always comes with a wire.


Wired data transmissions have the potential to be faster than wireless transmissions, and are subject to MUCH less interference. Interference and input delay reduce reaction and response. As fighting games in general require reaction and response to be tip-top–why add a wrench to the equation? Hori usually includes 9.8ft cables, Mad Catz 13ft, and your signal will be golden till ~15ft on a typical USB connection. You playing on a projector on a football field? What’s the deal?


People don’t really care about resetting on pads either, I remember a MBR vs Tokido SF5 match at Stunfest being interrupted for long minutes just because a DS4 controller suddenly reconnected and pressed start.
Besides, I don’t get why we really need going wireless. What’s the real advantage? I see none except making it faster to connect to your console. But the time you save now will be lost later because at some point you WILL need to plug the cable to recharge the battery.