Why is it so difficult to play MVC3


Like, aside from the actual in game stuff, i mean why is it so hard to play with another person online ? I wanna know the real reason why it takes so damn long to find a match, and why 85% of the time it says connection was lost. Also, when is it ( if ever ) gonna be fixed?


I don’t think you’ll ever get the real reason, just a bunch of reasons that people are going to pull out of their ass.

If you want to play matches with people online, just go to training mode and turn Fight Request on. Unless you’re playing at dead hours you should find an opponent rather quickly. Or use one of the many other places out there to meet players (you’re on one of them) and invite them to matches.


This is pretty much the best advice you could get here. The fight request option in training mode is a godsend when you don’t have anyone to play at the moment.


I wonder what the deal is. I hit ranked or player match and sit there for literally like 4 or 5 minutes waiting while it searches only to tell me connection has been lost. Sucks it takes you back to the main menu too. I appriciate the advice guys, but to be honest, when i sit in the training room or arcade mode with fight request on, i only get like 3 or 4 matches tops, then it stops and i can get any more requests. Its just so overly complicated…


I don’t have many problems. Usually set
as my parameters.

You could try forwarding the ports XBL uses.


They’ve stated they’re aware of the problems. Make sure you have the proper ports forwarded. Search google if you don’t know what this means.


hopefully it will get patched in an update,eh?!


Along with Spectator mode, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it really does have something to do with your ports. I was in training mode late last night with fight request on and got requests one after the other. Mine was set to Ranked, so I ended up giving up after a while and just went to Player Match. :rofl:

Forwarding Ports for XBL.

Forwarding Ports for PSN.

That should help you, good luck!


Why do half the online players suck? Most just spam projectiles and I play characters that have little to no projectile game and it’s hard to get up close when they just sit back and do that… Frustrating… Anyone in here who has a PS3 want to play online anytime?


there’s your answer

Nobody likes to hear it but if you want to win at this game you have to face the fact that you probably won’t get to play your three favorite characters. You’ll get two of them, if you’re lucky.


I play the team of Wesker,Deadpool and Hulk and/or Chris,Thor and Ironman maybe i’m just not as good as a spammer or it’s a aspect of the game i don’t understand but it’s just cheap from my eyes but it is what it is.


Think I’ve found the problem.

You’re playing 2 characters with teleports, can superjump, have a few characters yourself with good full screen options and you complain about how hard projectiles are to deal with. Instead of learning how to deal with them you label them cheap.


I’m not complaining on how hard projectiles are to deal with i’m actually learning how to avoid them and deal with them but when a person just sits in the corner with Sentinel and just spams the H move it’s kinda hard to try to avoid it at times but i’m learning to get around but it’s frustrating… I think it’s a cheap victory yes maybe not to you but to me it is cause there’s no plan into it…


Uh I’d say there is a plan. Mostly for you to get hit by H over and over again. Seems like a pretty good one to me if you get hit by it all the time. Seems to me that playing fighting games has a lot to do with putting wrenches into plans [like say hulk assist jump tele wesker] than just running into them all the time, but hey that’s me. And then he puts wrenches in your plans [assist, drones, h fake outs into full screen Es] and the game continues. BUT THAT’S JUST CRAZY TALK


You should read this:


super jump
teleport(if you have it)
duck it (if you can)
do ANYTHING to not be in the way of it.

It is SUPER punishable. And are you kidding? No plan into it? Is he going to keep spamming H if you’re in the air? No, theirs no combo. Are you eating the chip or just not blocking? Then his PLAN is working. His plan is to chip you down and not let you get close. Is he still doing it when you’re in his face? No? Well what do ya know, he changed his PLAN.

He has a plan. It’s to WIN. It is to get damage in in the safest way possible. And guess what. You. You there at full screen. You seem to be taking damage pretty easy from that H spamming. And since you’re not doing anything about it, it’s looking even more free.


Well I apologize for not being a experienced gamer and not knowing that there’s a strategy for everything… smh


What you’re saying is very scrubby, to be fair. “oh woe is me projectiles so cheap even though there’s a million and one ways to get around them waah waah”


It doesn’t take an experienced gamer to know that there is a strategy to everything and that everything can be countered. Even “un blockables” have a counter. Its just jumping. If you are in a position that is un-satisfactory to your liking, there is probably a way out of it, and a counter to it.


This is the solution I used for Street Fighter 4 and UFC 2009 and 2010, as I’ve had dropping problems on connection search with all of those games, and it has always worked. Instead of searching for a game, create a game, and you’ll never get the dropping problems. Or, in the case of MvC3, go into training mode (or arcade if you like) , set the fight request option to ON, and start training. 99 times out of 100, you have a game in 5 seconds. And the worst that could happen otherwise is you get a minute or two of combo practice in before your match.

This always gets me a game, but I’m playing on 360… dunno what you’re playing on, but judging by the sales #'s, I would imagine Ps3 only worked faster, as it sold something like 40-50% more copies of MvC3.