Why is it so hard for me to combo?

i just got mvc3 about a week ago and its awesome dont get me wrong, i just cant combo in a actual battle. All day i can combo in training mode but when in a match with another human player (not the cpu cause its way easy) i suck. Im used to ssf and can combo (link) well in it but for whatever reason i am horrible at mvc3… ?? My timing is off I know. So when do you enter commands/push buttons? I still cant get the hang of it in an actual game (with another person playing me) ??

well if you’re playing online. You’re just not used to the delay. Offline maybe you’re just nervous?

? either way im starting to get pissed ha… Im playing offline right now on very hard and when i jump in or attack off a block strand i land the basic “magic” combo ( l m h s ) and get in the air, i whiff ??? im not that good to be honest, but i can combo the hell outta some moves in training ha

you are simply not mashing hard enough.

I am like you, I have a hard time to combo/air combo. I think its because I play too much SF2.

try delaying ur combos after the launch so they dont whiff.

training dummies don’t hit back. you still have to practice it on a moving opponent.

opponents don’t hit back once their are hit either…

I’m not sure if the OP is asking why he is having such a hard time landing the first hit for a combo or why is he having a hard time finishing the combos (dropping combos).

If you’re having a hard time landing the first hit then you need to come up with a strategy. You’re not just going to jump right in front of their face land a magic series, and then go into your BNB.

If you’re having a hard time finishing the combo then you need to learn the different timing for lag and non lag matches.

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