Why is it that FPS run better online then Fighting games online?

I would get the impression that it would be harder for A fps seeing as how they have 8 to 40 people in a room @ once. but if you go outside of GGPO & Japan (lol) fighting games online aren’t really that good.

I hope this is the correct place for this question

Fighting game netcode is in it’s infancy right now. We’ve had online FPS since Doom so we’ve had a nice 8 year head start. (I think CvS2 was the first online fighter?) Also fighting games have a lot stricter timing.

I don’t think dedicated servers would work that well with fighting games, but I wonder.

I think in a fighting game where some combos require button press timings within 1/60th of a second accuracy, the lag in a fighting game is more apparent and noticable.

Yeah, you’re never going to shout “I TOTALLY DODGED THAT ROCKET 2 FRAMES AGO THIS IS BULLSHIT FUCK YOU NETCODE”. When an FPS game lags, it’s not as apparent because usually all it means is that you have to lead your shots a bit… it becomes even less apparent if your bullets are not hitscan - you already had to lead them to begin with.

FPS’s you usually connect to a dedicated server which is run by the company, in fighters, you’re connection is as good as the other players. If it sucks, then the game will lag.

Thousands of MVC2 & HD Remix matches on X-Box live w/the CHEAPEST internet service i could get, say differently good sir. Only time a match lags is if i’m playing someone whose net connection is having issues.

While its certainly possible there might(MIGHT) have been some lagging at times, eh i didn’t notice. Anyhow, obviously this stuff isn’t going to be 100% flawless given the nature of playing over the net and all, but for what it is now its pretty damned good.

I’m not positive (the real answer is probably some old MS-DOS fighter), but I do know that the SNES had a modem attachment that let you play Mortal Kombat over dialup with someone else who did.

I think it has something to do that with 2d fighters, players share the same view.

Actually, those of us that have been playing counter-strike competitively since the WON ID might disagree. I actually feel like lag is more apparent in FPS games than fighting games, especially when the connection is great. I can honestly say that 10-15ms ping can make a difference in a match and that’s under the 1 frame time frame (see what I did there?).

It mostly has to do with the fact that FPSs can get away with a lot of techniques in an effort to hide lag. Anyone who has played old school Counter-Strike will attest to the phenomenon of dodging behind a wall and all of a sudden, you die.

It’s referred to as “Client Side Prediction”, where your computer will make its best guess as to the outcome of any action you do, and will correct itself once the server sends a message back with the true results. In an FPS, such corrections are usually minor and go unnoticed, where as a fighter, you get the proverbial “rollback” effect.

In the end, lag is just easier to hide in an FPS than in fighters, but it is still there. Even with the best netcode in the world, lag will always be present to a certain degree. All that will matter is distance. Network speed is limited by the speed of light, meaning it’s pretty much impossible to have a truly “lagless” experience with people over a great distance.