Why is it that the best players (*sarcasm) have the best gamertags (*sarcasm)?

I played one kid whose name was “FROMTEXAS” and his gamer pic was an Adidas symbol, while another name was “TWINTUBOCOBRA” with the Cobra Mustang logo.

Man those two sure left an impression…

I like turtles.

From Texas has a really nice Zangief, always thought the name twinturbocobra was really corny…

Twinturbo has a decent Blanka, IMO. I felt one of the best on HDR until I played BlueTallCans. Never played nohoho.

Twinturbo’s Blanka is decent, although I have a hell of a time with mirror matches…so I’m not really sure if he’s good or just because I’m awful at mirrors.

But yeah his name is pretty douchey

Twinturbocobra is garbage.
The only thing he tries 2 do is to get close in order to get the bite … No other strategy whatsoever.

I played a guy named In A Body Bag and he mashed lariat the entire game.

pudding pounder was a funny one but his game is legit.