Why is Jinpachi not allowed?

People at Zaibatsu say that he’s not broken at all, what gives?

shut it.


Bronson isn’t here right now, so I guess it’ll remain open, at least for a little while.

So yeah, what’s the deal?

That’s his name…

And shut it.


Also, saying “shut it” doesn’t answer my question. I’d like an actual answer.

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Because he makes puppies cry.

if u want an actual answer, it’s the same reason why heihachi/zelda/spawn were banned from sc2 tournaments, or why ult. rugal/crackhead iori/evil ryu/super akuma are banned from cvs2 tournaments.

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It’s because he is a big bad boss character. There all banned. Probably because he’s not playable in the original arcade version of the game. Same reason Akuma,Kliff,Justice,Gill,Evil Ryu,Orochi Iori,Ultimate Rugal,Shin Akuma,amd the others where banned in there respective games.

It’s because he smells like old people. Stinky, undead, otherworldly old people.

Though really it’s like what others have said, boss characters, like console only characters, are just generally not allowed in tournaments since tournaments for better or worse try to emulate the way the game is played in the arcade as much as possible.

That seems a bit dumb, considering Evo is a console tournament. But alright, thanks for the answer.

It is a console only tournament but you have to take into consideration the fact that not everyone trains or even has access to the console version.

No one wants to roll up to Evo and get scrubbed out by some shit you’ve never seen before.

speak for yourself asshole.


Oh, fair enough.

the real reason that he isn’t allowed is that in korean and jap tournies he’s still banned as far as I know, once they tell the USA players that its ok to pick him, they will follow suit.

Cuz he’s way too OG for this tournament shit.

Cause he brings dat fiya.

the beard is too intense for projection screens

Simple reason is, is that hes a boss character, he was never intended to played amongst the other cast at a competitive level. This is the same all fighters, it doesn’t even matter if he is too good or just average, he would still be banned.