Why is KOF 2002 played more then 2003?

I’m just wondering. Any reason why?

2002 went back to more traditional roots and brought back some favourites, so the fans liked that. 2003 was rushed and felt very crappy after a while, plus Duolon was broken as hell. XI is what 2003 was meant to be, so people pretty much forgot 2003 after a while.

This is like asking why people pick Dr Pepper over a cup of piss.

Their is no fucking comparison.

why is third strike played more than new generation

Why is ST played over World Warrior?

hint: Duo Lon

ST is played over World Warrior because of Duo Lon?


KOF 2003 Arranged fixed Duo Lon and a lot of the other problems with Arcade 2003.

Arcade 2003 sucks ass, but arranged 2003 was actually very good…but made mostly obsolete by KOF XI.

Why is 2k2 player moar than 98. 98 is far more superior.

Real question: Why is Third Strike played at all?


what the hell did arrange mode 2k3 fix about duolon? he still has both infinites, still has the broken bnb>50/50 left/right mixup. as a matter of fact, not much was changed in arrange mode at all, except for the gamebreaking bugs, k’s unblockable, and the way input was handled (feels more like 2k2 now). kim still has his 2 infinites (infact, the stomp bug infinite is now easier to do, due to the new input system), benimaru still has the broken unpunishable qcf+b*2, the dp super cancel glitch is still in there (meaning, kyo, kusanagi, iori, joe, ryo, yuri and robert, have infinites/ no pushback on their moves).

but you’re right in saying that arcade mode<arrange mode.

Why is Marvel played more then capcom?


Yeah, Dr. Pepper is pretty fucking gross.


kof2003 have seriuos balance issue
duolon / daimon are a nightmare, the new engine (svc chaos one readapted) feature a completely unbalanced grab&throw system
the tag systm is cool too but lack too many things

beside this is one of the coolest looking kof ever (just look at K’ yamazaki ash duolon animations)

on the other side kof2002 is awfully looking…but it have the best gameplay in kof so far
BC mode is fun to use and really depp (as you can see 90% of cmv feature kof2k2 combo) plus the roster is nice too

dont forget about the cheese that is k’. one knockdown, and thats the match.


wah wah:looney:

sorry, i forgot him

in corner

qcfA, backB unblockable

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I prefer 03 BTW. 02 feels slow as hell.