Why is Morrigan in every damn game!?

Seriously who uses/likes her shes in every single fighting game Im surprised shes not in ssf4

seriously, they need to take that bitch out.

Capcom is perverted.

She’s a main character in Darkstalkers. That probably has something to do with it. /sarcasm

The real question here is why Demitri is never included.

I only wish she was.

She wasn’t in Capcom Fighting Ham.

Meh, would prefer Lilith but will still use her if she keeps what she has in TvC. (DI with gdlk priority and canceling dashs for instant overheads ftw)

There’s always hope that they’ll feature more Vampire Savior characters this time around at least? I’m hoping.

I’d prefer Lei-Lei myself, but I doubt that will happen. Lilith and Demitri seem more likely to make the cut.

Y’all are jealous of vampire tities.

I thought she was a succubus.

Why is Ryu in every damn game??? Seriously what a fucking boring character design just some generic dude in karate clothes who throws blue shit at you. fucking gay, who uses/likes him?

But seriously, shut the fuck up you idiot.

mvc3 needs jedah, rikuo, qbee, rapter


She’s a shoto succubus, which makes her like a sexy evil female version of Ryu. The appeal is obvious, but more importantly, even though she’s the poster child for Darkstalkers, she’s been in so many crossovers so far she’s kind of transcended that series and has just become a Capcom icon in of herself. At this point, it’d be weird NOT to have her.

/Huge rage post about morrigan in the game

It kind of makes sense because they seem to have reused (or used similar) sprites as the TvC characters. Seriously though Capcom, Where are the rest of the DS characters? If morrigan/donovan/lillith are the only DS characters that make it, I say we destroy Capcom headquarters. lol

I can’t wait to see Felicia, especially if her revamp is anything as good as Morrigan’s in the trailer.

i mean i like felicia but i’d like some variety. there are tons of people who have never played Vampire Savior and the game is full of awesome rush down characters that should be in MvC3. Sasquatch is fucking nuts with RTSD. i’d just like to see some variety especially if darkstalkers is gonna make a comeback with DS4

Pretty much this. I want Demitri and Pyron in this motha. Pyron vs Silver Surfer/Galactus NEEDS to happen

A we we a wha wah??

I’d like to see Jedah and Q-Bee. Don’t forget that Anakaris is in the game too.

What i wanna know is, is there an option to choose her old sprite again?