Why is Mortal Kombat (3D) not considered a "good" fighting game?

Fighting game fanatics seem to say that the 3D MK games aren’t “good” enough. Why is this?

Because of the terrible balance and the garbage infinites and simple-to-do 100% damage combos?

cuz they don’t have enough characters and CG movies and unlockables.

Play them for yourself and find out. They’re just riddled with stupid design ideas. (JUGGLES AND AIR COMBOS!)

WHAT?! If 62 characters isn’t enough…!

Because the games suck even more than DOA.

hardcore gamers today won’t even look at a game unless it has atleast 100+ characters!

Wow… answered in first post close this.

DOA sucks?! I’ts one of the few games I’ve seen with great graphics and a good fighting system at the same time!


Thank God for Mugen.

I mean, where else could we get SSJ XIIX Goku fighting against Satsui No Hadou Shingo?

But it’s safe to say now…

In before lock.

Give me a game that has 100+ characters besides a game made by M.U.G.E.N.

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I hope you’re being sarcastic but, VF5.

The 3D games also play like desynching elderly sex compared to a game like UMK3.


Tobal 2

and This is NOT the center of the fighting game community. This is the center of the CAPCOM community. You really think MK is going to be accepted? Fuck that. And your question WAS answered in the first post.

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It’s a long read but it’s a pretty interesting explanation why MK isn’t refined as some other 3D-fighters.

Because the game sucks seriously…