Why is music so confusing?


Listening to Cascada - Evacuate the dance floor. Pretty good song. I want to find other songs like it. So what do I do? Go to wikipedia and figure out what kind of music it is from there. Wiki lists them as Eurodance. What the fuck is eurodance you ask? A genre of music that has Hi-NRG, Italo-Disco, Trance, and Techno influences. So I spend the next god damn hour back tracking and tracing through all the history of music to try to find something that I sure as shit forgot what I was looking for.

I some how stumbled upon this: http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/.

What the fuck is this shit? Music’s family tree? It doesn’t list what I was originally looking for.

And what the fuck has happened to rock music? Prog Rock and Alternative rock. What the hell are the difference. When the balls did all these other genres form?

Why is there no place I can go to figure out what makes x genre, x genre. With a clear explanation.


because music genres are almost meaning less, and the reason so many “genres” get created for modern music is everyone wanting to say they’re different.

edit: also read the disclaimer for ishkur’s guide lol


Because there is no clear distinction. People are influenced by many styles and genres and will incorporate it into their own work, creating new genres and styles.


you should probably stay away from beatmania. you might go crazy, frank grimes style.


The infulences that you get are going to be specific parts of that genre. Right? Why can’t you list the specific influences you got from X music as a description for your new genre? Also why the hell is ANYONE allowed to create a genre? I take a stick and go beat a baby with it. Over lay someone with T-pain vocals and I just made Baby-Bash-Electro-Funk-Dance? Isn’t that a bit absurd?


I think your best bet is just trying to find recommendations from fellow fans. Trying to look up what genre they are, then finding other artists classified under that genre can just as likely give you shit that sounds completely different than what you were looking for.

Not only is it a subjective judgment by the person who throws them into a genre in the first place, but often times these genres make no sense. I can’t even really stand talking to people about musical genres unless they use the most broadest forms of the term.

What do you mean by “allowed to?” There is nothing official about musical genres.


Think of it like games. If you jump a lot, its a platformer. If you shoot a lot, its a shooter, but if you do a lot of both, what is it? How many times can you jump before its a platformer? How loose does the steering have to be before its “arcade” instead of “sim” style racer? (in music terms, is it rap because you sampled t-pain? If there is a guitar riff, is it rock?)
There aren’t necessarily specific examples that get adapted directly into the new genre, and even if they are, what value are they? I mean, what good is it to put on labels? I mean, smash bros was likely influenced by street fighter, but what does that actually tell you about the game? Just like you wonder why distinctions are necessary between prog rock and alternative rock, somebody who knew nothing about fighting games would wonder why a distinction is made between virtua fighter and tekken. They share characteristics, they’re 3-d, you punch people. Is it “right” to clump them together?. What about to somebody who knew nothing about games? Grand theft auto and gears of war are 3rd person, violent, full of shooting. Is it important they learn the distinction?
Anyone can make a game. Go draw some squares on a piece of paper and roll a die until you reach the end. It doesn’t mean its any good.

Ultimately, I think the distinctions are made because they identify with the music, and it’s important to them.


What he said.

But damn looking at that list makes me wanna play bemani. Good times.


Do what I do and call all dance music techno.




I am confused by how anyone can say this is good.


Fucking magnets, how do they work? Magic all up in this bitch!!


Fuckin scientists, always lyin!



As much as I love electronic music, it is by far the most convoluted medium of genres that don’t exist or have no clear citations for origin. Wikipedia is possibly the worst source on the internet for music genres.

With that said, Cascada is terrible and you should never listen to them again.


Because it’s music, not science. Genres are fuzzy at best, and frankly a lot of it is mental masturbation from people with nothing better to do with their time than over-analyze shit that shouldn’t really be analyzed too deeply in the first place. Your best bet is to go see if there are “You might also like…” recommendations on Amazon or Last.FM … or ask people who listen to that artist.



Nonsense, my statement was purely objective and infallible.


I know there’s genre’s out there and they’re getting wayyy to specific nowadays… There are so many groups who bounce between genres that it’s hard to put a finger on what they actually are. To me, music is music. If it sounds good I’ll associate myself with it.

Except country.


Pandora Radio solves your problem.


Epic Song!!! :rock:



That song is pretty fucking great.