Why is mvc2 delayed?

What’s going on? why is mvc2 delayed for xbox360? Just wondering cuz my friend was all hyped up, now he’s pissed that he has to wait.

It wasn’t delayed, apparently the release date was bogus in the first place.

they needed a little more time, trying to squeeze 10% more get hype and mangos into the game

Capcom needed more time to re-record Storm’s lines to make her five times as annoying.

They stated it months ago to not expect it before end of July-August, but it seemed nobody listened.

the last thing we need is capcom rushing a game, let them keep working on it, and smoothen the online play as MUCH as possible.

To fit more Sentinal into the game’s hexospheric endological programming code.

it’s only been ten years, what’s another month or two

No date was ever given, so it hasnt been delayed. It just hasnt come out yet.

also, we dont need a thread for every little question you have.

this thread is for everything MvC2 for XBL/PSN:



Cuz Backbone is working on it?

Expect it at the end of July or in August.


I laughed.

Yeah uh, it’s not like this game is going to bring out new top players, so why the hurry?

It’s delayed because we all touch ourselves @ night.

delayed because they’re reverse engineering BlazBlue online code


Seriously though, all fighting games need to have online like BB.


^ This is why we can’t have nice things.

Dangit, I wanted to save that 50$, but all I’m hearing is how good blazblue is.

wooooo get it… get it wooooooooooooo you want it oooooooooooooooo rattles chains

Also, its delayed because the marketing lead and the programming lead were having a match, then the programmer stabbed a nigga (the marketing lead), thus they can’t release till the charges are settled :frowning: THE HYPE CLAIMS ANOTHER VICTIM

its not for me, I was finding out for my friend who was waiting for it. I have the ps2 version already (sadly). Reason for that is that my dc version broke in 1/2 one day when I was taking it out of the dc. After I saw the game for $100, i was like “you gotta suck and F* me for $100”. Ill never pay more than $49 for a game.