Why is MVC2 so horrible?


I can’t seem to place my finger on it.


I don’t think you know what the fuck you are talking about. However, if you just don’t like the game, that’s cool.


liking a game or not is completely subjective
what you really want to ask is why is Mvc2 so horrible for you
and in that case
only you can answer that question
you dont need a thread for it…


You’d think such a game would be fun online, but its not.

Then again a majority of its base comes from people who still use their dreamcast.

I dunno. I have distaste from purchasing the game over XBL, but i’m not exactly sure why.


It’s quite simple actually…you suck at it.


I only wish I had spent 8 years practicing on my modded dreamcast.


Thats why.


You’re either a troll, or a 'tard. Either way, stick to SF4.


You probably got OCV’d and hate the game now because the player man handled you.


You can’t place your finger on it because you’re wrong.


I think it’s just not your jam.

Also, different strokes, people.


why would you modify a dreamcast? they already play burned games out of the box… what did you modify it for?


You must be more descriptive… horrible how?


rugg is a troll - people shouldn’t take any of his posts seriously


QFT…I know I suck at the game…there’s no way in hell I’d hop online to try and play it for fear of pwnage, but I still think it’s fun to play and I’m sure as shit not gonna hate on the game 'cause I get my ass whooped whenever I play it.


I’m total trash at it but yet I still play it XD

I wanna get better with lock/storm and sent, not compete but just whoop my friends asses lol


Two words.
Truck. Nutz.


I’m terrible at it so I really don’t play it.

I don’t like that you pretty much need to use a specific team to have a chance but, that’s what happens with a game that is as old as MvC2. Everyone has figured out the absolute best strategies and exploits.


I used to think the game was garbage the first time I played it but now even though I still suck at it I find it to be a fun fast paced game. It is by no means a terrible game and not just because a lot of people play it. There is so much different shit that can happen in any given situation, always seems to have action going on, and the game just plain gets people hype. You can always spot where marvel is being played at a tourney. The hype just oozes from around it.


if you had to mod you DC, you should have been playing this game for closer to 10 years by now.

I guess a troll thread deserves a troll post.