Why is no one talking about Razor's Stick screwing up so badly?

I can not seam to find anyone talking about how badly Razor screwed up the finals of EVO? Why is no one talking about this?!!

If he was using a MAYFLASH it would never have happened. Never, ever buy expensive tat.

What? My stick works fine. I also didn’t play at EVO. What are you on about?

I was about to grab my pitchfork but then I remembered that a Chilean won Marvel, so…

I like how the stick failed… screwed up the entire grand finals and then he was handed a Madcatz (wasn’t it?)… bad PR for Razor!!

Sticks fail. It happens. It happens way more to people who push buttons like it’s a 9-to-5 job and carry their sticks literally around the world.

I was rooting for gamerbee. Even if the stick didn’t pause, he still would have lost.

I’m very disappointed how this was handle, players should be ready 2 play with spare sticks immediately when there main sticks goes down. Why did it take so long for Momochi to get a new stick? Let alone he wasn’t using his own sponsor stick to finish the game says alot.

right… yeah sticks fail… but this was the inaugural event for a brand new stick manufacturer for their first ever produced stick. The stick would only have been a few months old max. Narr this was’t normal stick fail… this was a fail at the manufacturing level.