Why is online play full of douchebags?

A match had disconnected on me and I had my opponent around 2 to 1, and he messaged me, “LOL when u lag that bad it proves im the best thanks 4 showing how terrible u are”, when he clearly was losing. I messaged him back saying that lag actually saved his ass. Why is online play full of assholes? I know I shouldn’t pay any mind to it, but it makes me wonder why people like this even exist.

Because online play is full of crybabies also.

It’s the Internet…so expect a lot of douchbaggery.

That’s true. I guess that’s the only way they feel like a badass in life. Dude thought he was better because I had no control over the lag he claimed I did which causes me to win. Oh, well.

Welcome to the internet. Where trolls hide behind the anonymity of their computer screens and act like douches.

No 1 rule of the internet is, don’t feed the trolls. Just ignore them and move on.

Who’s gonna pass up the opportunity to talk smack about you while hiding behind an anonymous untraceable screenname?

Online = anonymity and actions with no consequences = people can act as bad as they want which they’re not allowed to do in real life without fear of consequences = lotsa dicks on the internet

your answer is the answer to everything.

Some players are just smart asses i’m afraid. IMO it seems to be more in the competitive community.

Because people do shit online that they would never do in real life, since there is no repercussions.

The fact that most of them require adult supervison?

I blame dual working parents.

And lazy assisted living helpers.

Yeah I’m trying to get better at SF (I’m at like 1200-1400pp in SF4), and I was playing a guy who was relatively better (2000+ points), and all he did was taunt me when he got a lead. It was a bit annoying, but oh well.

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