Why is palyaing online considere a Taboo?

Most pro’s don’t play online. Also, most other players don’t play it because the type of people they play on XBL/PSN

So exactly why is this?

You already said it.
Playing online isn’t taboo. If you only have online, play online…
But don’t take it too seriously. A lot of bullshit online.

Most pro’s have no shortage of people to play against offline.

Who says it’s taboo?

Well im’a say this and hopefully someone can elaborate more for me because im at work lol.

*At times, theres gimmicky 50/50’s online due to lag and etc. that are not 50/50’s offline.

*Adjusting your combo timing in various lag / and or connections; . (Some people are godlike at it though. WolfKrones Viper for one)

Just a couple that bother me, just scratching the surface.

Plenty of pros play online, but they’re either too high in rank for most players to ever get a chance to play against them, or they do player matches or lobbies against other fellow pros. I say if you feel like you’re improving your own game by playing online, or offline, then do it. Use whatever tools and means necessary to you to play at your best.

That being said, the online environment (especially here in America where we have shitty internet), is not ideal. Introducing lag in an environment where fast reactions and difficult link combos need to be performed, is always a random factor that you can’t control. Majority of people much prefer to play offline where they can play at their best without having to worry about lag spikes. Plus it’s always more fun playing with friends irl than it is with random trolls on the interwebs.

It’s not a taboo; you just learn better from facing opponents in person. IMO I feel that players online only resort to combos and such while in person, players resorts to other tactics than combos with their own playing style, but that’s just how I see it. There’s also the lagging which you don’t have to worry about. I have gotten a lot better in Tekken due to a lot of casuals at Otakon last year.

Totally the above post. I competed in my second tourny last night, The Michigan Ranbats. Online I don’t have much of a problem against Ibuki, but the guy live destroyed me because online players play Ibuki a certain way and I was not prepaired for the way he played her.