Why is Phoenix Wright notably missing from games?



I used to use P.W. way back when, during the time when his assists were invincible. I noticed tourney players used him, and he was really popular. Now, unless I use him in a lobby as a way to switch up characters, I don’t see him online or at any majors. What’s up with this? Is it because of his assist nerf? Because while I do view Wright as a sort of joke character, he’s still extremely effective and fun to use. Plus, as a fan of the ace attorney series, there’s a ton of fan service to be had.

I’m curious, what do you all think?


Eh… Actually, he’s still seen in online tourneys and some/little tourneys. I think his appearance in tournaments/online are a lot more frequent than before from what I’ve observed. Before, there was only 1 notable Wright player and that was ChrisG and now, there are players like Basic Sausage, Polt, Lythero (link3kokiri), Kurron (GX) and many others.

The assist nerf really destroyed Wright’s (Not so) main purpose of being an assist character. I still think that we might be missing something here. I have this very weird feeling that when we find some sort of tech that makes Wright look more viable, Capcom might patch it out but the possibility is somewhat unlikely since they’re deciding to “Move on”.


PW had potential to be really viable tourney character and act as “ace in the hole” character similar to Phoenix. The problem is that playing PW in general is a HUGE hassle compared to many of the auto-pilot characters. He literally is garbage compared to the tourney reg. characters until he reaches Turnabout mode and even then they can try to run out your timer. It baffles me why they nerfed his invis assist after considering the effort you would need to get turnabout in high-level gameplay and then DHC/Raw tag out to finally try to abuse it.


Including to what has been said yeah Wright has a lot of weakness that makes one of the worst choice for high level competitive play, some to list are:

1 million health
While it’s not bad at best Wright can only survive one or two combos which means you have to be really good at blocking most of the time, because of this some character’s combo can build up a lot of meter or damage and the opponent will always finish off Wright when given the chance, which is a major setback in your gameplan especially if you didn’t get to even collect evidence with Wright.

Lack of range on his normals and priority
Wright has a lack of range on his normals making it difficult to get a hit on the opponent and some of most of his normals lack priority so the opponent will most likely beat yours if you try to retaliate. However since not a lot of people play against Wrights his overhead might be his best tool since most people may not know it’s a overhead and some unique tools like most don’t expect his :d::l: or :d::h: to dodge some projectiles and attacks or having a feign/cancelable overhead and also the ability to create his own unblockable setup with the Maya hyper.

Lack of options
What I mean by this is like if he’s on point (I know some might disagree with me) but he just doesn’t have much option all he can do is either use air “hold it”, air throw (though the opponent out prioritize his throws), or Maya shield (which isn’t the best thing since the opponent will be in your face when the match is counting down) and when he’s on second he doesn’t have any options to escape setups for incoming characters which means the only course is to block it all or eat a combo. Cautious opponents will do all they can to avoid getting hit by the objection.

Bad match up against commonly used characters
He just has difficulty dealing with the most commonly used characters because they mostly outpriortize his attacks or in turnabout mode some can use flight or teleports to stall time in turnabout mode without the cellphone. Which means he would definitely need at least the cellphone to avoid those situations.

Lack of mixups in turnabout and time limit
Opponents can survive turnabout mode by just jump guarding and teching throws unless you have the assist to create mixups. 20 second time limit means either you chip the opponent out with the cellphone, or try getting a hit in. However because of the short time limit you may not even kill the opponent’s character.

Despite all this I love using Wright in competitive play even though it’s not the best option. I think if possible that the evidence system can be deciphered that Wright players can get at least the cellphone, meat when needed, and avoiding bad evidence with maybe an extended turnabout mode time he might have what it takes to be more competitive. Just my opinion


IMO, what made Wright difficult to use in competitive play is how limited he is in investigation. Short ranged attack and poor priority (Some attacks have decent priority). If you get bad evidence, you have to stay in that horrible mode much longer. The only way you can actually land a hit on someone is if you use Maya’s shield and use it to bait. Also, Inv. Wright’s combos are too weak. At least make the min. damage scale 15%. His defensive options are way too reliant on assists and Maya in investigation mode

No complaints for Trial and Turnabout mode except that all his crouching normals should hit low in both modes AND maybe they should increase the time limit of Turnabout mode to maybe 35-40 seconds. I still love the guy and I don’t feel like he’s a waste of space for my team because he does a great job of sweeping the mess. He’s the funnest character I’ve used.


He’s not that good in trial mode. He’s the worst in the game at investigation mode. And turnabout is a tame and temporary threat. Basically, he’s a fair character, in a game with a bunch of unfair stuff. he’s not dirty enough.

If only Von Karma had made it into the game. Frame people for crimes all day.


Turnabout mode is incredible but not an automatic trip to the S+/S- tier. He’s not that good or bad in Trial. Investigation mode is the worst :stuck_out_tongue:

Put Edgeworth in the game and I’ll probably use him since…

Defense attorney = Defends the client (Keepaway)
Prosecutor = Convicts the client (Rushdown)

Wait a minute… Nah. I prefer zoners and keepaway characters over rushdown.


I think it comes down to too much effort at getting good at Wright for too little gain. Now, I love using the character, but he’s really not all that viable unless you really know what you’re doing.


As far as my thoughts go, I used to love using Wright. When the game launched, he was my main, and used on nearly every team. But, as time’s gone on, I can’t use him nearly at all, he’s just not as viable. I used to love the comebacks with turnabout mode, and as a fan of the Ace Attorney series, it really felt awesome to hear the music and catch someone with his level 3. Plus, his invincible assist was great. I don’t see how we can have an invincible Hsen-ko for her assists, or Haggar’s nearly invincible lariat, but Wright gets nerfed. I dunno…


Sometimes you just gotta work with what’s given to you if you really wanna use that character.


You just need the right assists and a smart mind to play as Wright. He’s definitely not easy to use but saying that he’s useless and unrewarding is utterly wrong. If you can’t use him, you might have to work harder, change your team or just drop the character


I definitely see your point. I love to use Wright, and I still make it a point to, but he’s just got a very, very uphill battle for him from the start. But in a game with Vergil’s 110-140 hit combos, Dark Wesker and Dark Phoenix, Wright just can’t deal with certain match-ups. There is nothing in the game more satisfying then pulling a comeback with Wright ending in his level 3, though. So many people will try to zone me out, and don’t realize it hits anywhere on the screen. My point is, he is definitely rewarding to use and I agree with you, he’s just a very high risk/low reward kind of character. There’s also a large amount of luck required on his evidence, and I’ve gone entire games without a single piece of “true” evidence.


Match ups you say? :smiley:

Fear not! Just go to the guide for the match ups and you should know how to deal with them because luckily for you, only one of them is somewhat troublesome when you try to gather Evidece. Cough Wesker… The only match up Wright can’t deal with is Skrull. The rest are difficult to manageable to easy to play against.


Curious, if you wouldn’t mind, could you elaborate on Skrull?


One or maybe two… Two works or moves then.

“Elastic slam” and “Meteor smash”

Elastic slam (Command grab) pierces/goes through the shield and outranges Wright’s finger attack in turnabout mode.

Meteor smash just halters Wright’s zoning. I never tried using paperwork STORM (Not trial paper) against him. I think that might work but in trial mode, zoning him is difficult and you’ll need to burn meter to stop him.


About meteor smash if you do trial mode’s paperworks(low):l: when you see him go up in the air it trades, I think the same with :m: if I recall since the startup is a bit longer, :h: I think Wright gets hit before the papers come out. Turnabout mode I’m certain it can beat out meteor smash since you can throw them out faster than trial. Trial’s :d::h: can also stop metor smash but it’s going to always be a trade.