Why is PS3 used in more SF4 tournaments?

I’ve always been curious why more major tournaments seem to use the PS3 versions. The 360 is more popular and widespread, and don’t PS3s load slower? (Or is that just because the game isn’t saved to the hard drive?)

that’s mainly because the game isnt installed.

as far as why ps3 vs 360…i dont think there is one main answer to this. i’ve been to many tournaments that run on the 360, probably just as many that runs on ps3.

i tend to believe that it’s a matter of what consoles they already have available to them. that, and there was a general belief that most players had a ps2/dc stick and that converters were easily available to get them to work on the ps3.

ps3 and 360 both install to the HDD… id assuming because of the RROD prolly happening lol

Haha both good points.

I believe it’s because of controller converters. Until recently, there wasn’t a good converter for the Xbox 360, so people who had older PS2 sticks would have to buy a new stick all together, which was expensive and a hassle. The PS3, on the other hand, has like, 3 or 4 good, lag-free converters that people use.

Availability. From an organizers standpoint, its best to set a standard so people know what to bring with them but be flexible to accommodate another system should you need to. For most tournaments it seems that more people can provide PS3 stations and there are alot of people with PS2 sticks so the choice is very clear to me.

PS3 allows you to plug in more devices than the 360 does, so even some off-brand usb gamepads will work on PS3.

so what are the benifits to installing SF4 on to your ps3 hard drive. [load times? i assume…any notiable difference]

i dont think i have mine installed.

It cuts down alot on load times and less people will hate you online.

sounds about right. uh.

im going to see about finding out how install. :karate:

RRod lololoololololo

Because I brought my Xbox 360 to a tournament one time, two guys played on it and it randomly got the Red Rings of Death. That’s why we don’t use Xbox 360’s, lol.

I am disappoint. Go to the options menu and set yourself straight. :wink:

PS3= less hassle on sticks. Since most players are coming off PS2 and have sticks, all they need are a simple adapter and/or USB extention.

360 arcade stick users would have a easier time if Microsoft didn’t label every fucking product they get their hands on. It’d be at least easier to not have so many sticks for each system or worry about modding them.

done and done. :clown:

It’s interesting in my region that all of the tournaments I attend use PS3s, however after meeting people and exchanging gamer tags and what not it turns out that everyone plays/practices on the 360 version at home.

What’s also ironic about the converter point is that most people you run into have purchased a TE stick anyway. I don’t really have a preference, I’ve got my grounds covered for all systems :tup:

  • most pad players prefer a PS3 pad vs the 360 pad if that’s what they’re using.

The reasoning there seems to prove slightly faulty because:
a) People who had PS2 sticks are probably significantly more likely to buy or build a second/dual modded stick since their investment is aged and there’s circumstantial evidence they’re more of an enthusiast about this sort of thing
b) How many SFIV players actually had a stick, or even played in tournaments for PS2?

I suspect there may be more money potentially being thrown at getting a PS3 stick for 360 owners than there would be for people with PS2 sticks buying 360 ones.

But yeah, non-universal USB devices are lame.

uh, most of the ones that matter?

Those of us with PS2 sticks bought good converters when we saw the writing on the wall.