Why is PS3 used in more SF4 tournaments?

So in that case, about 2% at absolute best. In more real terms, compare the Evo turn-out for 2008 to 2009.

I dunno, I don’t see many old sticks, and obviously people are managing for all those tournaments that are run on 360, but what on Earth do I know. It was a reasonable justification at the time I guess anyways-2 years ago who would have figured fighting games would be viable on XBAWKS.

if anything, most people who have PS2 sticks (or at least introduced into their first arcade stick)have the shitty T5 hori. Or at least people who didn’t have the money to buy an actual HRAP or pay for a custom stick. I hate that stick, but it did justice for me considering I always preferred stick over pad.

The Xbox makes switching sticks/controllers between matches a super pain in the ass.

Many of the reasons that the PS3 was chosen have become outdated, but its still important to keep a standard for the sake of consistency.

You could post a tournament listing saying PS3 only (or vise versa) two months before the tourny, and some retard will bring their xbox and rage when they don’t get their way.

There just has to be a standard or no matches would ever get done.

oh yea this too. I really fucking hate this compared to the PS3 where you can have all those controllers connected to 1 PS3 and just switch them out.

360…if it’s not USB, it’s GOING to consist of turning the system off. which is a hassle considering 360 takes forever to load up.